DIGITAL DREAM - MODULE VIRUS LIVE FROM UK- · 27 Feb 2010 · Napoli (Italy)



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MODULE VIRUS ( Bom Shanka rec.)

{} Bruno Miguel Isidro was born in Portugal and at the early age of 14 he started developing his passion and building his knowledge of electronic music such as techno, drum and bass, chill out, ambient, and mainly psytrance . In 2002 Bruno started his very first project as POKEMON and started playing DJ sets around the UK. After two years of playing various indoor and outdoor parties in and around London he came up with the Live POKEMON act which hasn’t satisfied him completely and led him into further explorations of electronic music. In 2006 Bruno came back with more developed and experience tested sound as DIRTY NOISE. The sound was so much more dark,twisted and powerful than his previous work. On May 2007 DIRTY NOISE and Gonza decided to work on united ambient music project OUTER SPACE CREATIONS .Bruno continued working in both projects . After two years playing in so many different parties they decided to follow different paths. Bruno was continuing his journey with his live act DIRTY NOISE and closely working with party promotions in Poland,Portugal and UK. From 2007 until 2009 Dirty Noise has been playing alongside the acts such as psymmetrix,laughing budha,illegal machines ,ajja,mubali,wizack twizack,evp,rev and many more great acts from around the globe. On April 2009 Bruno signed up with Boom Shanka Music record label and started working on his brand new project MODULE VIRUS. MODULE VIRUS is a combination of full on,dark psychedelic trance and is groovy ,and expressive as Bruno himself. The artist defines his music as being “dark and happy at the same time,,“driving with some powerful bass lines” ,“very melodic with some crazy percussion”. Surely you will see this guy playing around London and beyond. MODULE VIRUS is spreading. Be aware to be there!

Velvet Club-Via Cisterna Dell'olio 11,80134,Napoli
Campania Italy
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