Dauga Spirit – Psychill, Ambient, Organic music open-air

Dauga Spirit – Psychill, Ambient, Organic music open-air 23 Aug '19, 17:00
Party flyer: Dauga Spirit – Psychill, Ambient, Organic music open-air 23 Aug '19, 17:00
Line Up
💠 Rudra Beat (live) – Latvia

💠 Sunduo – Latvia

💠 VPG – Latvia

💠 Capricorn Spirit – Latvia

💠 Max Worm – Latvia

💠 Rūķītis – Latvia

💠 Transcendentālē (live) – Latvia

💠 Ricci – Latvia

💠 Space Mondays – Latvia

💠 xTal (chillout set) – Latvia/Netherlands

💠 Black Møth – Latvia/Estonia

💠Stotyka – Latvia

... new things will come with the sun
Natural decorations and Land art
When our roots reach the depths of the Earth we are standing on, only then can our arms reach the stars of the deep night sky.


Let us guide you through the forest of the deep mystery.
Join us on the adventure

Dauga Spirit is a small and cozy gathering deep in rural Semigallia that connects chill-out, ambient, psybient, organic edm & live music with nature, art in the land full of ancients miseries. It's different from the most of psychedelic festivals:
Accepting no more than 100 people we create a cozy atmosphere where you can rest, focus on the things that are important, and deeply connect with people around. Music is synchronized by the time of day allowing you to be active during the day and dive in into the true self when the sun goes down.

The place itself is a beautiful old farm surrounded by hills and pounds. It's an ideal place for the future community that is focused on permaculture, sustainable development, ecological awareness, "docracy" and contemplative way of living.

There's a magical Pokainu forest full of mysteries 3km outside of the farm, where you can hike to.
Often called an abnormal natural phenomenon, this forest is believed to be the ancient sanctuary, whose truly unusual impression is created by piles, rock rivers and hollows of famous Pokaiņu stones.


Are you a DJ, musician, workshop master, can help us with the building, cooking, promotion or gatekeeping? Please contact us. we'll find a common ground

More info will follow.
The exact directions to the festival will be given later in July
Entry fee
Entry fee
Become a participant by donating 15Eur or more and help us to create
a first chill only festival in Baltics.
This year the festival accepting no more than 100 people.

To join become our patron on [patreon.com]
or donate with PayPal on [donorbox.org]
also, you can send bitcoins to 3PLkmY1CjvBfqMUz9QkNPSQfJJAHZX2iW4
Dauga Spirit
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