Party Reports · ▲ Dark Prisma Night ▼ presented by Space Brotherhood · 6 Mar 2015 · Berlin (Germany)

▲ Dark Prisma Night ▼ presented by Space Brotherhood

Over: 6y 10m

Reports / Feedback

6y 9m#3Bones

thx for thee nice trippp !! :)

6y 10m#2ॐDarKohM-BABA o(O_O)o ©✔

Line Up
amazing Party, thanx a lot!

peace Love and Darkness

6y 10m#1ORGA

First of all, thank you all so much for celebrating this Dark Prisma Ritual with us!

All in all we can say it was a success and we hope you enjoyed this trip as much as we did....

Big Thanks to Nicolas (Megalopsy etc.) and Martin (Glosolalia, Quantum M.)!! Two guys doin fuckin' 12 hours of absolute psychedelic freakout tunes, just awesome!
Also much respect and thanks to Gaston (Will O Wisp), who managed to prepare and send a full liveset to the guys for playing, almost from the surgical table. We all wish you superfast recovery and at least spiritually you were there in Comet with us for sure!
Also thanks a lot to Ihti Anderson for the nice decoration setup. Was proper for a Dark Prisma Night, I think...
Finally we wanna give thanks to for the amazing Art-Gallery and everyone else that helped in the accomplishment of the whole mission of this event.

Hope to see some of you in 3 weeks ;-)
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ps: we found a bunch of keys in the backstage, if anyone misses one...