Cycles Of Life 2019 (Daytime Festival)

Cycles Of Life 2019 (Daytime Festival) 22 Jun '19, 10:00
Party flyer: Cycles Of Life 2019 (Daytime Festival) 22 Jun '19, 10:00
Line Up

❖ RAY CASTLE (Demon Tea Rec - New Zealand) 3 hour retro live
❖ JUAN VERDERA (The Muses Rapt - Spain) 2 hour retro live
❖ MASA (Hypnodisk - Japan) 2 hour retro live
❖ PSYCHAOS (UK) 2 hour retro live
❖ THE MUSES CHILL (Spain) 2 hour retro live


❖ ANOEBIS (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
❖ JOOST & AZIZ - Vinyl Set (Goa Trance Music - Belgium)
❖ GOASIS (Suntrip Records - Australia)
❖ MIR (DAT Records & Goa Trance Music - Serbia)
❖ OLIETER (Belgium)
❖ PAVANE (Suntrip Records - Belgium)
❖ PAYBA (Goa Trance Music - Belgium)
❖ SJAMA’DAN (Goa Trance Music - Belgium)
❖ SUNBORN (DAT Records - Greece)
❖ YANI (Schlabbaduerst ReKKords - Belgium)
Limited capacity 350 people, event will sell out! NO tickets at the door!!

Location will be send to ticket holders only!
Entry fee
Entry fee
[] Private event!
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