Cyberdelic II : Quantum Rising

Cyberdelic II : Quantum Rising 6 Dec '19, 22:00
Party flyer: Cyberdelic II : Quantum Rising 6 Dec '19, 22:00
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If you sufficiently understand the most fundamental entities that underlie reality, as well as the laws that govern them, you should be able to understand and derive the rules and behaviors seen in the complex, larger world. For matter and radiation as we understand it, there’s very good evidence that every single thing we’ve ever been able to observe or measure is quantum at some level. There are fundamental, indivisible, energy-carrying quanta that make up the matter and energy we know of. But quantized doesn’t necessarily mean discrete; you can be quantum and continuous as well. Which ones are space and time? Now becouse we had our first contact with Cyber Space, the frequency is more clear and explicite with us.
Let's have a look on it :


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DECO: Cronomonium
• This is a concept party so please leave all the bad things at home and come for dancing and having fun!
• We promote good will but also discipline!
• Don't drink and drive!
• Come early leave late!
• We ask you to leave the space as you found it, don't steal or destroy the decorations.
• We also ask you to rave consciously and not to get into any kind of fight or argument. We all come here because we love peace and understanding between us, don't ruin that for other people :)
Urania Palace, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Entry fee
Entry fee
FEE: 20 Ron > 00:00 > 25 Ron
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