Cosmic Summer outdoor gathering · 8 Aug 2009 · Close to Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Cosmic Summer outdoor gathering

Party Flyer Cosmic Summer outdoor gathering 8 Aug '09, 13:00
Party Flyer Cosmic Summer outdoor gathering 8 Aug '09, 13:00
DARK EL KANTE (Adama records / Spain)
CRYOLAB (Unsigned / South Africa)
SHOCK WAVE (Shock wave sound system / Italy)
MUSHROOM JIM (Random / South Africa) T.B.C.
ROWAN (Planet monkey / UK)
DISCoORDINATION (Planet monkey / UK)
WIRLING DERVISH (Newtechpirates / UK)
+ Namaste friends
Deco by Panet monkey
Visuals by Visual-Gnosis
Outdoor Fullmoon Gathering
8th-9th August

Hallo all dancers, movers, makers, shakers, psychonauts, freaks and fairy folk !!

This weekend Planet Monkey, Random and Namaste present a shamanic weekend of celebration and sharing, under the light of the waning full moon, under the starry skies, and in the middle of beautiful nature, there'll be dancing, singing, laughing and joy as we celebrate our existence on this small planet, and the collective consciousness to which we all belong!

High vibrational psychedelic trance Ritual
Conscious dance floor
Acoustic chill out
Healing dome
Sharing, caring, talks and workshops
Cafe and Bar

This event is planned to start Saturday afternoon, with chilled music, acoustic sessions, talks and sharing, please come early if u would like to be part of this, and feel the energy rising ;-). The evening will progress into a psychedelic trance dance ritual through the night, a high vibrational journey, breaking through the veil of illusion, and dancing til the morning sun warms our faces!


Progressive trance, psy-trance, suomi trance, cosmic chillout, wonky psychedelic
- Rowan ( Planet Monkey)
- Dark el Kante ( Random)
- Will DiscoOrdination ( Planet Monkey)
- More T.B.C .... Bring ur cds and u can play...probably ;-)

Acoustic Chillout
- Wilson Noble and Namaste friends
- More .... Bring ur drum, guitar, flute, trumpet or voice and join the chilled out vibes!

- Bee and lovely friends will be holding a sacred healing space,
if u would like to be part of this please come early on saturday and enjoy the sharing and caring.

Oooh, well whispers in the air... hopefully we ll have some cosmic secrets from Raahsirus, and some shamanic grounding talks from Sunfeather... but we ll see !!

Location and Directions

...will be sent out on this mailing list on Friday, and also available on the Info line.The location is about 30 mins drive south of Edinburgh, public transport can get u quite close, but u ll have to walk at least 3 miles, so is probably best to arrange your own transport or lift shares.

INFO LINE - 07824 788 980

This is a private invite only event. Suggested donation £ 5.

Respect Nature,
Respect each other,
Bring what u need,
Share what u want,
Leave no trace.

See u in the woods!

Location and directions will be released
Sound Styles
£5 sugested donation
Planet monkey, Random and Namaste
07824 788 980
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