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A new update Clash Royale was recently released and as expected, it brings a lot of improvements, new features and many interesting things for lovers of this that is already one of the games of combat and more popular nowadays strategy. For those who still do not have a very precise idea of how Clash Royale is played, just tell them that players have the opportunity to face in real time combat with other online players around the world.

The goal is to destroy the towers facing opponents in battles three minutes against other players in real time. To do this, each player must use a deck of cards whose characters can be invoked using the elixir. You have to defeat the final tower opponent yet to do this, the player must first go through at least one of the strengths that have been created to defend the tower. In the battles players can get trophies, coins and gems, plus get experience that will allow them to level up.

Upgrade details

new cards clash royale

Going into detail of the new improvements and developments of the update Clash Royale , the first thing to note is that they have built six new cards , a new common letter called Spirits of Fire, a new rare letter called Horno, plus a new epic letter called Guardians and there are new letters legend lava called the Hound too, Mining and Sparky!

With this new update Clash Royale, also they have added more awards , therefore, now players will receive gold for every win they get , even when the coffers are full. Moreover, as the chest crowns, now it has double the prize money , while the Super magic chest, have doubled the chances of finding it . Also, the magical giant, equally chests are more likely to find them , while donations and requests, increase as the player reaches senior arenas.

more rewards

We must also say that now has a card shop, the legendary cards may once have reached the legendary area, while now appear the most gold has increased to 1 million . It is also important to mention that now has a new spectator mode, in which you can track live so that they can see friendly battles and even throwing confetti.

Also they have been added Royale tv channels in this case let you see the best battles in each arena.

Other important in updating Clash Royale, novelties include imitation is now the most sincere way of flattery, where you can copy the war deck of a player from your profile , in addition to the combination of war deck, now you can move cards to the war deck. There is also information legendary cards that can be viewed from anywhere just to play a legendary card.
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