Chakruna Festival - Music Art Nature Culture · 1 Jun 2018 · Cusco (Peru)

Chakruna Festival - Music Art Nature Culture

Open Air
Over: 3y 3m
Party Flyer Chakruna Festival - Music Art Nature Culture 1 Jun '18, 14:00
Party Flyer Chakruna Festival - Music Art Nature Culture 1 Jun '18, 14:00
Line Up
+++++Areas that you can enjoy in the Festival+++++

+Inti Stage: Live Acts ,Djs with the best of Psytrance, Goa, Psygressive, Forest,Dark,Hi Tech...
Line Up!
+Washuma - Psygressive -inkadelica Records
+Exodo - Psygressive - inkadelica Records
+Bolon Yokte ( Label Manager Popol Vuh Records).Mx
+Haloferax – Psytrance . HiTech..Raggatek -Trilobite Music / Ovni Recods – Astrofonik Records)
+Q'ello - FullOn
+Asiry (Isratrance)
+Exponential - Morning Trance - Uk
+Aciddance - PsyProg - Greece
+Guille Varry (Isratrance)
+Alanius (intirunas) Psytrance
+Surya Chandra a.ka. Triveni Lemur - Progressive Fullon Trilobite Music . Sephira Records
[click here]
+Kenyi - Progressive - Trilobite Music
more djs on the way...

+Qilla Stage: Live Acts,Djs with the best of Techno Music,House,Electronica,Reggae,Dub.
+Jon Aragon- Techno - My Little dog rec
[click here]
+Conciencia Ancestral (Popol Vuh Records).Mx
+Andree Castillo - Techno - Hot Day
[click here]
+TupaQ - Techno - My Little Dog Records
+Nu-Bastards (Techno-Willkamayu Records)
+Frankie Ramz
[click here]
+Ashram 51 - Afro beat -Trilobite Music . Sephira Records

more djs on the way

<<<Wayra Area>>>
Ceremony with Sacred Spiritual Plants, Workshops, Yoga, Handy craft,Art, Live Paint,Organic Andean Music,Documentaries projection.
Art by Haqe Punku
Visuals Projection,Mapping,Lasers,Sacred Geometry Deco
+++++Pre Sale Tickets 3 Days Festival+++++
+++++++++Pre-sale Tickets Shops Cusco+++++++++++++
-Procu's market - street procuradores #330 - Cusco a few steps from the main square.
-Rainbow Spirit - Tandapata #649 San Blas - Cusco.
-Mullu Plaza Pisac.
-Quilla Tattoo - chihuampata 543 san Blas Cusco.

Tickets $30.00 usd or S/.100.00 soles
-@Door $50.00usd or S./150.00 soles
(by day S/.70.00 soles) only saturday

1 Ticket 3 days Chakruna Festival + Transport round trip Cusco - Festival - Cusco
Price S/.150.00 soles
buy @ Super Tour - Portal Mantas 117 - Cusco City
a few steps from the main square
reserve in advance departures 8am all days.
~for example you can departure friday 8am for arrive to the festival midday and return sunday 4pm ,but if you wanna go to machupicchu you can return monday or tuesday it depends of you, in this case the pick up return will be at hidroelectric.
*also you can buy only Transport round trip Cusco - Festival - Cusco price S./55.00 soles
more info @ Super tour
Buy in Advance by Paypal

FB Event:

15% of the tickets price of the Chakruna Festival will be destiny for conservation,preservation,maintenance and reforestation.

++++Chakruna Experience Festival Basic pack+++++
1 ticket 3 days festival
2 nights with tent and mattress/camping area
Transport round trip cusco festival cusco
2 breaksfast 2 lunchs
3 bottles of water by day
not include
sleeping bag

price $80.00usd

++++Chakruna Experience Festival Huachuma pack+++++
1 ticket 3 days festival
2 nights with tent and mattress/camping area
Transport round trip cusco festival cusco
2 breaksfast 2 lunchs
3 bottles of water by day
1 San Pedro Ceremony
not include
sleeping bag

price $120.00usd

+++San Pedro Heaven Experience 4days 3 nights+++
Cacti San Pedro is used for healing Soul & Mind for anxiety, depression, sadness, stress.

Day one
A purification, detoxification Day
pick up early in the morning 7am in cusco city to destiny inka jungle trek point (Santa Rosa Alta), duration of the trekking 8 hours until arrive to Santa Teresa "Chakruna Festival" ,that will be located in a private and reserved camping surround of nature, hammocks with tent and mattress it means you don't need to get camping equipment, just bring your sleeping bag. Travel light, we suggest a backpack of no more than 20Lt.,
we'll have the time to go to Cocalmayo hot pristine springs for swim, it's 1.5km from Santa Teresa

Day two Chakruna Festival
A ceremony with the ancestral cacti San Pedro acompany by a shaman that will care of you ,duration of the ceremony is around to 10 hours of pure healing, active meditation with music ,when you will be of hungry there is fresh sweet fruits a boomfire for the night time celebrating the live!

Day three in the way to Machupicchu
after your energetic breakfast ,pick up to hydroelectrica, here is the entrance to sanctuary of machupicchu, here start your pilgrimage to machupicchu town, 6km flat , duration 2hrs full of nature, free energy!
in machupicchu town is reserved a hostel ,lunch and dinner
you can visit the hot springs of aguas calientes.

Day four early in the morning pilgrimage, ascension to Machupicchu the guide will tell you incredible histories about the inkas how they built this mystic, energetic place
after to visit enjoy Machupicchu all the morning the group return to Machupicchu town for lunch,after trekking back to hydroelectric where is waiting your touristic transport that get you back to Cusco City arriving at night.
end of the travel!

1x Transport Cusco - Festival
1x Pick up festival to Santa Maria - Inka Jungle Trek
1x Transport Santa teresa to Hidroelectrica
1x Return Hidroelectrica - Cusco
1 Ticket entrance to Machupicchu
1 Guide for Machupicchu
1 Ticket 3 days ChakrunaFestival
1 Night Hostel Machupicchu Town
2 Nights Lodge
Healthy Food
3 Breakfast
4 Lunch
3 Dinner
1 bottle of water by day
1 San Pedro Ceremony / Shaman Guide
1 Chocolate Ceremony (Anandamide)
1 sacred ancestral plants ceremony
1 Guide Assistence for Inka Jungle

not include:
ticket to cocalmayo hot springs S/.10.00 soles
ticket to aguas calientes hot spring S/.10.00 soles

Price : $220.00usd

also ask by
the Ayahuaska Astral Experience 5days 4 nights

for reservations
Will be in an Amazing Location with warm weather,Open Air,
close to a wonder of the world, Machupicchu!

+++++Location: (Reserved and Privated)
Santa Teresa is the District,Province of La Convencion,Department of Cusco, here arrive travelers from salkantay Trek, Inka Jungle trek, Chokequirao trek, Alternative Machupicchu by Car.
From the Festival to Machupicchu it only takes 2 hours walking (3.7 miles).
Cocalmayo Pristine hot springs is only 1 mile from Santa Teresa
Also you can practice zipline,Trekking,Hiking.
Weather day Warm 77ºF Night 59ºF Humidity 45% altitude 1500AMSL
Sound Styles
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