BoOMshankar 16 Mar '19, 21:00
Party flyer: BoOMshankar 16 Mar '19, 21:00
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From Switzerland - Part of the famous label Zenon Records.
Over the years he has developed his very own remarkable style of music, characterized by expressive sound design, massive basses and thoughtful atmospheres. Having rocked countless international dance floors, he never ceases to surprise his public with his powerful and intelligent signature sound.


From Portugal - Part of Techgnosis Records / Digital Structures / Zenon Records and many more greats Labels.
Behind the music mysteries this improbable duo got absorbed into the art of music production.
Mark A Dom influenced by the world of techno and progressive, Luis in the dub step side…
Their world collide and the possibilities seem endless…
Together they form the new alliance MNGRM.


Airi (Zenon Records) -CH

MNGRM (Digital Structures - Zenon Records) - PT

DJ :

Geometek (Boomshankar Prod) - BE / FR

Chullachaqui (Boomshankar Prod) - BE / FR

Nahuali - Boomshankar (Boomshankar Prod) BE

Cronnimytra (FluoFarm Records) vs Khaitchenko (Boomshankar Prod) NL / BE

Komomo (Boomshankar Prod) - BE
BoOMshankar Wood Work
30 Rue de Birmingham // Bruxelles

Bus : 86 - Duchesse Brabant
Metro : Station Delacroix (2) (6)
Tram : 82 - Duchesse Brabant
Entry fee
Entry fee
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Préventes / Presales :
Phase 1 : 5,50€ (sold out)
Phase 2 : 8,50€
Phase 3 : 10,50€

Tarif sur place / at door : 13€
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