Beats Down The Rabbithole IV 28 Jan '17, 22:00
Party flyer: Beats Down The Rabbithole IV 28 Jan '17, 22:00
Line up... not timetable.

Hole 1 : PSY / FOREST / DARK

- Corka'an (Independent NL) ***instead of Nilezz***

- Q'allit (DK)

- Psymax (3rd Bit, NL)

- Sige (Independent, FIN)

- Sannergy / D-Lerium (3rd Bit, NL)


Hole 2 : FULL ON / PSY

- Psykela (Independent, NL)

- Anand (3rd Bit, NL)

- Psykey B2B Garuda (Independent, NL)

- impala! (Independent, NL)

- Rob ( Up project/Boom rec./Sick rec, NL)


Hole 3 : CHILL OUT

- Molgam (Independent, NL)

- Status Ohm / Dima Ivanho (Independent, NL)

- Mjert (3rd Bit, NL)

- Stonehammer (Independent,NL)

Deco :

- Magic Forest deco.
- Flowing with the glowing
- Black hole deco.
- Insiders
- Pasta piraat

Sound :

- M.A.F. Vintage Sound
- Antjo Dijkema
- Romar sound
photography : Interminded

Moodmanagement : Jan the Doorman
4th edition of Beats Down The Rabbithole

in short : 18+

3 holes, beautifull eyecandy ( makes your mind go on the run), good music ,ballooning and probably lots of happy people. It is allowed to wear a funny costume (serious costume also) so don't be shy...

we're putting extra efford in fixing good sound in all 3 holes and the deco teams will combine forces to make this venue an unrecognizable piece of paradise. we will also try to arrange enough fan's to cool the place down (atleast) a bit. This is going to be ' 1 for the books" so if you miss it, you can only blame yourself.

The chai-corner for free chai (for people who've read the previous, not edited info) is not allowed by the manager... so chai-corner. we are sorry. but don't be sad... instead you can nibble on a carrot or a piece of fruit that will be served among the partypeople (not unlimmited)
Pop Dijkemaweg 31b Groningen Netherlands
Entry fee
5 Euro
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