BASS ISLAND HYPNOSIS -Shane Gobi, Mental Broadcast..6 Floors · 1 Aug 2009 · Schloss Leiben / NÖ (Austria)

BASS ISLAND HYPNOSIS -Shane Gobi, Mental Broadcast..6 Floors

Party Flyer BASS ISLAND HYPNOSIS -Shane Gobi, Mental Broadcast..6 Floors 1 Aug '09, 21:00
Party Flyer BASS ISLAND HYPNOSIS -Shane Gobi, Mental Broadcast..6 Floors 1 Aug '09, 21:00
Line Up

Psytrance Stage:

21:00 – 22:00 Hudrix
22:00 – 00:00 Phonism
00:00 – 02:00 Mental Broadcast live&dj
02:00 – 04:00 Shane Gobi
04:00 – 06:00 Da Ray b2b Djane Mandulis
06:00 – 08:00 Trick Cyclists b2b Sun Experience

Psytrance Stage

MENTAL BROADCAST (24/7 Records) BR live &dj

SHANE GOBI (Alchemy Records) UK

MANDULIS (United Fraggles) AUT

DA RAY (United Fraggles) AUT


PHONISM (Bass Island) AUT

G_MA (Bass Island) AUT


Tekno Area:
hosted by Keventsoundforce

BAROUF (Les Enfants Sages) FRANCE xxx live&dj set xxx

WAKO (Wanderkolonie) AUT xxx live set xxx
check: []

C'mens (Damage) AUT xxx live xxx

El Froogo (Tilt -Tesla) AUT xxx dj set xxx

TWEAKAZOID (Keventsoundforce) AUT xxx live&dj set xxx

CRAZYTEK (Keventsoundforce) AUT xxx live&dj set xxx

Gendefekt (Keventsoundforce) AUT xxx live xxx

Joe (Freakcircus) AUT xxx dj set xxx

Drum'n Bass Area:

DOM & ROLAND (Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, 31 Recordings) UK
check: []

TOTAL SCIENCE (Metalheadz, C.I.A., Hospital) UK
check: []

SILENT WITNESS (DNAudio, Metalheadz, Quarantine, Commercial Suicide) UK
check: []

ALLEY CAT (Skunkrock) UK
check: []

SHROOMBAB (Junglistic Sistaz, High Tension) AUT check: []

M-JANE (Junglistic Sistaz/Zanglasound) AUT

ISEE (Trickdisc Records, Bass Island) AUT

NICE ADVICE (Bass Island, Electricks) AUT

Electronics Area (House/Minimal/Techno):
hosted by STP Productions

GIANLUCA (STP Productions) AUT
check: []

check: []

IN:TUNE (Bass Island) AUT
check: []

STONE (Heroes from Hell booking) AUT
check: []
Chill & Chai by Luminox & Bass Island
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Luminox Crew
Vj Zoid (
V -Motion
xxx SHANE GOBI xxx

Shane Gobi is Alchemy Records founder and Label Manager. Originally from South Africa, but now based in London, Shane has been an active DJ since 1997. He was signed as a label DJ to Sphere Records in 2000, and went on to start Alchemy Records a year later.

Shane has become one of the leading DJs in the psy-trance scene and has earned himself a solid reputation with a loyal following for his unique morning sets and his technical, energetic DJ style. He has played outdoor parties and club events in the UK, Israel, South Africa, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Macadonia, Prague, Holland and Japan, to name just a few.

At the end of 2003, Shane was voted by the worldwide trance dancefloors on Isratrance forum as DJ of the year 2003. DJ and Producer, Shane has collaborated with label friends Dark Soho on the Groundzero project and is also one half of Whiplash with Rinkadink. Under the 2 projects Shane has released 6 tracks under various labels, Alchemy Records, Ambivelant Records and Nano Records.

xxx Mental Broadcast aka Dj Roma

Roma start his psychedelic life on London at the "acid techno" squat parties on hackney in 2001 , soon in 2003 he met “the acid monkey and wild things crews” and start to play was just natural to him. On 2004 Dj Roma comeback to Brazil where he see a new scene growing in porto alegre city, where Psy-trance music was just beginning in south Brazil, he start to throw proper parties as EARTHDANCE 2005/2006/2007/2008 and a weekly project indoor all Wednesdays called “Quarta Dimensao”. Very quickly he became none by his powerful sets and proper mixes and in 2006 he was invited by DJ Shane Goby to join the legendary ALCHEMY RECS, also he has play at the major parties on Brazil like XXXPERIENCE for a crowd of 10,000 people, rocking the event and on the UNIVERSO PARALELO 7/8, PLANETA ATLANTIDA festival, alongside the major names of international psy-trance. He now are also playing his live act called MENTAL BROADCAST and have being rocking the dance floors around the globe with his serious music produced in collaboration with various artists like , Headroom, Tron, M-theory, Sinewave, Etic, Hammelin and many more artists like Xpiral and Kronik. Mental broadcast has release last year a V/A called TRANSMISSION by 24/seven media from austria, noze it right now at [], [] . If you are looking for a pschedelic groove act, your search its finished!!
Schloss Leiben XXL / NÖ
Hauptstraße 34, 3652 Leiben
VVK 12,- EUR
AK 14,-/16,- EUR

VVK Tickets gibts bereits in allen Volksbanken und via Ö-Ticket (zzgl VVK -Geb.)!
UND im SEVEN SHOP (St.Pölten)
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