B-4 SUNRISE III - A progressive tale · 22 Aug 2009 · Helsingborg (Sweden)

B-4 SUNRISE III - A progressive tale

Party Flyer B-4 SUNRISE III - A progressive tale 22 Aug '09, 20:00
Party Flyer B-4 SUNRISE III - A progressive tale 22 Aug '09, 20:00
Line Up
¤ PSYXEL BADAJALASH (ARG) :: Psychedelic/Progressive/Trance [myspace.com]
- (Audioalchemists)

¤ LEENUZ (SWE) :: Progressive soundcloud
- (Eargasm Productions)
¤ MUMIX :: Progressive house
- (Laugh and Dance Records)

¤ BRÖTE :: Techno
- (EMC / LDR)

¤ SNAGGELS :: Progressive/Full-on [psy-space.com]
- (Secret Experiment Crew)

¤ VANCE :: Progressive trance [myspace.com]
- (Genesis Project)

¤ EZOS vs. TOBBE :: Progressive
- (C.O.P)

¤ PSYCAT :: Psytrance/Fullon
- (Secret Experiment Crew)

¤ ESPARK vs. HIAWATA :: Progressive
- (Medium rec. Tenka)
- (BZO. Tenka)

¤ PSYXEL (ARG) :: Psychedelic/Progressive/Trance [myspace.com]
- (Audioalchemists)
Laugh and Dance [laughanddance.se]
Then it was time for the third edition of the B-4 Sunrise.

This time do we get down to the forests in Helsingborg.
Where will we see a cruel line up, ready to spread the great tones for all tastes.
This edition will offer great sound, more lighting, nice decoration and of course one of the best in musikväg from progressive, fullon and psychedelisk mm

Will buy you a little visual "surprise" also .. ;)

The result is something nobody with a love of music want to miss.
Road description will be sent out via mail in the first place.
Bus and railways will be printed when the time comes.

Be prepared for a major party, but its like in a forest near you.

All are warmly welcome

Information No: 0720365973
The phone will go No call to f. On the 20th of August not tidigar but then you write an email to Secret.experiment @ live.se
Helsingborg, Skogen
Sound Styles
120 SEK
Secret Experiment
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