AZRIN Live in Chennai 25 Nov '17, 20:00
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Azrin - Zenon Rec.
{Melbourne, Australia}

DJ/Producer/Darkness extraordinaire. Bringer of the dark on Zenon, Jaira, Solar & Quantum Digits Records. Azrin has buried himself deep within the dark psychedelic and techno scene, bursting to the surface with his own fusion of the mind bending, deep, twisted, glitchy, psygressive; and deep, pounding, industrial techno! Having performed all around the world, he breaks the mould with his everlasting energy, versatility and creativity behind the decks, showing the masses how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

With many residencies, international shows and radio appearances, he has transformed into something more distinctive, separating him from the rest! Bringing down the sickness at performances all over Israel, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia & of course Australia. Having performed with all of Australia's largest festivals/crews: Eclipse Festival, Earthcore, Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, Mayan Summer Solstice, Southern Oracle and many more...

Supporting psy-trance and techno greats such as: Shpongle, Space Tribe, Ace Ventura, Astrix, Michelle Adamson, Lucas, Sesto Sento, Perfect Stranger, Raja Ram, Simon Posford, Freedom Fighters, Coming Soon, Captain Hook, Ghost Rider, D-Addiction, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Polaris, Koxbox, Fatali, Ritmo, Quantize, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Neelix, Liquid Soul, Growling Machines, Vibrasphere, Timelock, Solar Fields, Wrecked Machines, Pick, Tetrameth, Sensient, Henodix, D-Nox, Antix, Fiord, Chris Liebing, Monoloc, Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Oliver Lieb, Radio Slave, Khainz, and many more…

With his outstanding performances aside, he is also the power that drives "Unstable Sounds". Putting on monthly sell out events for years, creating a name brand that is recognised around the globe. Unstable Sounds is one of Melbourne's finest techno, progressive & psychedelic crews.

Turn it up!


"Azrin - Living On Mars"
VA - Diabolic Symphonic
Jaira Records

"Azrin - Paranoid Delusions"
VA - Primal Source
Quantum Digits Records

"Azrin - Institutional Psychology"
VA - Dusk till Dawn
Jaira Records

"Zibell & Azrin - Virtues of the Fallen"
VA - Intergalactic Jackhammer
Jaira Records
2014��Facebook Link: [] Link: soundcloud


{Zenon Records/India}

Vaeya is a music producer and DJ based in New Delhi, India, specialising in progressive trance. His live/DJ sets can range from dark, intelligent and techy to lush, quirky and fun depending on the environment and atmosphere.

Over the years, He has released tracks on Fatali Music, Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Rebeat, Twisted Frequency Recordings, Ovnimoon Records, Carmi Recordings, Occulta Records, Maia Brasil Records, Jellyfish Frequency Recordings and Zenon Records.

Vaeya spent seven years living in Australia from 2003. The diversity of the people and music at the parties and festivals he attended, alongside the extreme vastness and untouched beauty of the country, became a huge influence on his subsequent music production and DJ sets. Being amongst a scene where artists such as Sensient, Tetrameth, Shadow FX, Autonomech played on a regular basis was a massive inspiration. This emerging sub genre of progressive trance, now described as the signature ‘Zenon’ sound, captivated him the most.

Vaeya’s first solo album, ‘Passion Before Priorities’, was released on his bandcamp page in 2009. On returning to India in 2010, Vaeya joined forces with Indian based progressive trance label Occulta Records where he released further material. In the same year he released his second full length album, ‘Bipolar’, on Germany’s Glitchy.Tonic.Records, an EP on Fatali Music and since then a number of tracks on various compilations.

In 2014 Vaeya was signed as the official Zenon Records DJ in India and can be found playing cutting edge sets representing this sound at parties and festivals both inside and outside of India.

He is currently working on his third studio album and a brand new live set.

Soundcloud - soundcloud
Soundcloud Dj set's - soundcloud


Virus - Maharetta Records

Virus is a progressive psytrance project of ||Arjun Gandhi|| A media planner by profession, who has been into electronica from the very beginning of it all, his love for the music got him into mixing different sounds of electronica music to produce a distinct mix of psy- trance and techno, coupled with heavy baselines that sets the crowd booming to its groove. Originally a psy-trance DJ his sounds are deep and hypnotic taking one on a celestial journey through space and time. Arjun Gandhi has played with the biggest names in the industry namely ‘Crash and Boom’,Shiva Moon,Tom Hades.Played alongside Kini Rao, Anil Chawla,Kohra,Boombaba at the WORME Festival 2012. Featured in RANG 2013/14 playing alongside AJJA,ATRIOHM,MAD MAXX,VIAL,Crash and Boom, Starlab. Spinned in one of the biggest Clubs in Delhi namely Kitty Su, Olive, Fio, Shroom, Blue Frog etc.

He has recently ventured into a combined project with Starlab (Digital Om Productions) namely‘VIRUSLAB’

Also Co-Founder and Inceptor of 'The Peace One Day' India Chapter (A United Nations Initiative)

Soundcloud: soundcloud
Facebook: []


Zeenish {Quark Dimension/India}

Zeenish, a name synonymous with Underground music in South India, has always brought the immaculate blend of passion and perfection to the console. He established his first connection with the genre over a decade ago, soon drifting into exploring newer horizons in Psychedelic Trance to craft his own sounds.

Much as he is a great psychedelic story teller, he is also one to actively propagate the idea of non-cheesy, deep, groovy and memorable underground dance experiences. His creative genius lurks between 122-145 BPM, each story second to none.

Founder of the Artist & Event Management Company, Quark Dimension, Zeenish has shared main stage and hosted gigs for revered artists around the globe.



Static Prayer

Static Prayer is the brainchild of Chennai based producers Amrit Kishan and Rohan Mohanty. Being school friends they never thought they would team to send psychedelic tunes out to the society!

The journey started in 2015 when these two jammed over for a day or two and processed the thought of playing out together forever!

Static Prayer is a psychedelic trance project specialising more in forest,twilight and dark progressive psy trance! Having Amrit Kishan on the mic beat boxing to psychedelic music and sampling with the help of his mouth and Rohan Mohanty on the console,these two come up with some power pact music!
Static Prayer has opened for various artists such as Pantomiman, Yatzee , Blisargon Demogorgon , Ozzy , White wizard etc.
Static Prayer's speciality is to make the crowd groove to some serious rolling in the baseline and tickle the brain of the people with some live sampling!



Pulse - Radisson Blu Hotel Egmore , City Centre
No.2 Ethiraj Salai , C-In - C Road Egmore,
600 008 Chennai
Quark Dimension
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