AYAHUASCA TRANCE FESTIVAL 2017 · 15 Apr 2017 · Cusco (Peru)


Over: 4y 8m
Line Up
****OFFICIAL LINE UP 2017****
ºººLIVE ACTººº
WHIPTONGUE / Looney Moon rec / Brasil
SYCHOTRIA / Ayauma rec / Brasil
AGENDA / Alchemy rec / UK
DARK & ROLL / Soulectro music / Israel
THE DUDE / Soulectro music / Israel
MEERKAT / Jaira rec / Irland

ºººDJ SET ººº
SHANE GOBI / alchemy records / UK 3hours dj setºº
XTRACID / alchemy records /Mexico
OS / alchemy records / Peru
MEERKAT / Jaira rec / Irland
MOT / No Qualms rec/Technophobia rec / Australia
KUMARAS / Argentina
VIBRATECH / Mindshock Music / Germany
MAYA TEKK / Quantum Digits Rec/ Popol Vuh Rec / Guatemala
QUENTE / Intirunas / Peru
ALANIUS / Intirunas / Peru
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★★★ Ayahuasca Trance Festival 2017 -4 Edition ★★★
15 16 april - CUSCO - PERU /// SHANE GOBI ///

Ayahuasca Trance Festival began in 2012 with the help of the small Peruvian psytrance community, the artists from the Peruvian Amazon and the new Raveology team which has been around since 1999.
In 2012 we had more than 600 people. 2013 was The Second Edition 500 people and 2017 will have the best line up and more!
Ayahuasca Trance Festival is a collaborative festival with Peruvian roots and international support. Its mission is to inform and to educate about the native medicine plant from the Peruvian Amazon, Ayahuasca, discovered over 2000 years ago.
We want to continue to support the gargantuan contribution of visualizers such as Pablo Amaringo and the prestigious ONANAYTI organisation.
Ayahuasca Trance Festival is a festival where we celebrate music and visionary dance, with decoration made by the Shipibo Conibo tribe.
We wish to support the global trance community, guiding them to have a great relationship with shamans from the Peruvian Shipibo community, to freely share this information without any financial gain, hoping to get all of us to participate in the evolution of the visionary part of psychedelia, music producers, decoration, art, paintings and other things that can be achieved to create this new community based in Peru.


Amazing international line up 28 hours non stop music .
pre sale :
s/ 50 soles from 05 january to 28 february
s/ 70 soles from 01 march to 10 april
s/ 85 soles from 11 april to 14 april
s/ 100 on the door.

*price include 3 days camping area

official web site in construction !!
INFO : raveology.org@outlook.es
Ayahuasca Trance Festival
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