Atisha: Gründonnerstag (TranceDance Special)

Reports / Feedback

8m 21d #2 fantomas

Ahoi liebes Alisha Team,
vielen Dank für diese Party :-)
Nette Leute und super Musik.......Location hat uns auch gut gefallen

Lg. Thomas

8m 29d #1 Ha$$an

Thank you Trancer and Liese .... I enjoyed that and i'm looking forwards to your next party .

Not critic of the loction , staff , organisers , deko people or security ---- >

1 - For me the party was spoilt becuse some azi manged to smear chewing gum on my jacket .

2 - The music only realy got going after about 2 - 3 in the morning ...... and then it was stop and go ' break trance ' ...... = every time the crowd started dancing there were music pauses with 5 minutes of mickey mouse sounds and effects ...... that noone can dance to .

Question to ALL DJs and organisers in the world...... whats a party about ? ...... Dancing ? ...... or musicly dyslexic kackpitalist DJ cult ?

A simple test is ---- > If the guests arent permanently dancing the DJs are shit .

3 - Tourists with dildo fones taking illegal fotos of people . I asked several people to stop and they just laughed and carryed on . I dont want my foto on facefuck . I'm not an asesoir or statist in other empty peoples ' lives ' . I dont want ' jungle camp / big brother ' voyers bigging themselves up in the net with fotos of me .

Not one of the people with dildo fones actualy danced .

The privacy and data protection laws were recently changed . Wich means either organisers have to stop the stazi informant dildo fon tourists or they have to warn every guest that their foto can be stolen and used by azocial blender . Somewhere along the line party organisers are legaly responsible .

I go to party to DANCE , relax , see friends and have fun ...... Not to pose or have to permanently look over my shoulder because some shit is taking fotos .

Location = 5 from 10 ...... Good location but it wasnt big enough for that event ,
Security = 10 from 10 ...... Thank you .
Staff = 10 from 10 ...... Thank you .
Entry cost = 10 from 10 ...... Thank you .
' DJs ' = 2 from 10 ...... Hochstens .
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