Astech #05 Fernanda Pistelli · 5 Aug 2022 · Dublin City (Ireland)


Astech #05 Fernanda Pistelli

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Fernanda Pistelli Irish debut!

In our 5th edition we are bringing the Brazilian dj Fernanda Pistelli to play in Ireland for the first time.

"Music is the universal language of love. I hope to touch people's heart, not just play for them. We came here to let our soul dance". This is the line of reasoning that guides Fernanda in the choices of her work and life.


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📅 FRIDAY | August 05th
⏰ 11pm
📍 Button Factory (Over 18's ID required)

Super Early Bird: 10€ [SOLD OUT]
Early Bird: 12€ [SOLD OUT]
1st Release: 15€ + Ticket fee
2nd Release: 18€ + Ticket fee
3rd Release: 20€ + Ticket fee



A 29-year-old from São Paulo, Fernanda Pistelli has always been passionate about different ways of interpreting the universe through her senses, and music allows her to explore sensations capable of creating a Unique atmosphere. "Life is cyclical, so we are constantly changing and through music it is possible to find an axis that is in harmony with everything that exists, and that is the key to connect our mind to our body". She believes that music is capable of awakening awareness at different levels and builds her sets by mixing mystical sounds surrounded by striking beats that highlight her identity.

Fernanda left the internship and the business administration college and decided to follow what makes her heart beat faster. In 2016 she traveled to australia with the intention of staying for a while. She found some clubs in Brisbane, where she took up residence at the prestigious Dragonfruit label party - a party that has already received numerous world-famous artists, such as Charlotte de Witte, Joseph Capriati, Marcel Dettman, among others. And also established residence in one of the biggest clubs in the city, The Met, where she pioneered one of the techno projects on Saturdays. From then on, invitations to play on radio programs and festivals such as manifest and earth frequency arose. Being able to stay more in Australia opened her mind to play different sounds that still inspire her.

Recently arrived in brazil, in 2017, she played at the pre-party of the event "Fckng Serious", by Boris Brejcha, in São Paulo, even doing an unexpected 'b2b' with Ann Clue, starting to awaken, in fact, a strong curiosity for her work. Other clubs like D-Edge, Club88 and festivals like Universo Paralello, Adhana and Samsara have also received her dj sets. Now graduated in music production by Anhembi Morumbi, she found a way to express herself through music, from her productions to the presentations that range from techno to progressive house and psy-techno, which are being very well accepted by the public as a novelty.

“Music is the universal language of love. I hope to touch people's heart, not just play for people. We came here to let our soul dance”. This is the line of reasoning that guides Fernanda in the choices of her work and her life. In one of the most special moments of her career, she ended her presentation cheered by the public - “when I realized the situation, tears were already rolling down my face”. This is the adrenaline and emotion that keeps her going with feet firmly on the ground and mind focused on music.

Good female references abound and she believes a lot in the potential of Female djs, but labeling her work is far from fair. "Everything is a matter of perspective, I don't like to label my work because I believe that a judgment or label is something fixed and that goes against the whole flow of life that is in constant movement, as well as music that is pure vibration". Forget the genders and let it flow.
The Button Factory
Curved Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin City
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