Art of Noise pres. - Warehouse Blast/ Mentalecho/Brainstalker uvm. 30 Nov '18, 22:00
Party flyer: Art of Noise pres. - Warehouse Blast/ Mentalecho/Brainstalker uvm. 30 Nov '18, 22:00
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Lange Zeit wars jetzt etwas ruhig um uns, doch das ist nun vorbei. Mit neuer Location, viel Motivation, neuen Ideen und der guten alten Art of Noise Crew bringen wir euch wieder feinste psychedelische Klänge der schnelleren Sorte.

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↓Live Act´s

• Mentalecho II Masters of Puppets Rec./ Black Out Rec. • (Portugal) ✈

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Mentalecho is a solo project from Bernardo Fialho, a basic form of expression to dream and exile yourself from everything else, getting lost in dreams and memories, basically a sonic mental biography made by the main character himself .

• Brainstalker II Masters of Puppets Rec./ NutriaDance Rec. • (Italien)✈

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•Kebun II Hyprid Records • (Austria ) ✈

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• Flamyyy II RadicalFrequency/ Metadimension Music / Art Of Noise • (Austria)

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↓Dj Act's

• Open Border/ Art of Noise • (Austria ) ✈

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►Medusas Dream Decoration


► Lambda Labs ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈


► Meins ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

► Druid Wear

VVK: EUR 13€
Abendkasse: 14€ < 00:00 > 15€

► Friendly Security

► Fair Bar Prices

► Good Vibes !

► No Drugs No Stress
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