Arcade disfunction rec and Amazing fest world

Line Up
#### Darkpsy ###

§ Murukhan § (Live / Spain)
HippyFlip Rec

He was present at our first party ever and now back with new updated music to hit the floor! "Murukhan" is the project that has been developing in the mind of Casper during his life in this musical world! Founder of HippyFlip Records.

§ Helloki § (DJset / Belgium)
ADR / HippyFlip Rec / Dimensional

put inspirational text here!

§ Dohiyi § (DJset / Belgium)
ADR / Lycantrop Rec

coming back to life after being in the dungeon!

#### Hitech ###

§ Selective Mood § (LIVE / Austria)
Damaru Rec / Maniac Psycho Pro

This project took formation in 2013, where they have secretly been working on a sound that really grabs the listeners on the dance floor. Experience the new taste with huge bass lines and flowing melodic atmospheres, which all together commences a very interesting chain of thoughts.
Check this track out on our new compilation!

§ Alien Hardware § (LIVE / Hungary)
Lunatic Alien Rec / Electirc Moon Rec

Another crazy artist that released a track on our last VA ! First, he usually sets his act into a deep natural atmosphere, get tuned to it and collect energy. Afterwards he’s adding a twist to it with supernatural & extra terrestrial energies.

§ AEIO vs Hypnotherapie § (Live / Belgium)
ADR / Warromaja / Lunatic Alien

Combined forces with this duo, from hitech to dark and back again, expect experimental experiments!

§ Takeshi § (DJset / Belgium)

Will continue his djset from our last party!

§ Katsumi §
DCS soundsystem

Master of the system

§ Dark Euforia § (Djset / Belgium)
ADR / 9th Circle Rec

and ofcourse our own wacko jacko will join in to the dopeness!

^ ^ ^
§ Deco §
Painting Art by Bart Hurtm (some seen on last AA party)
1 more tba
Revival time!
We stumbled upon a location from the past.
Remember Dark Crisis?
Yes? You Rock!
No? Thats not a shame, come join us anyway!

Arcade Disfunction & Amazing FestWorld will be working together.
A mixture of Dark Psychedelic and Hi-Tech Trance.
With some Experimental in between.

More then 12 hours to give the audience a perfect trance experience.

Sound: Lambda labs by DCS soundsystem

we will be working with reservations !

§§ stay tuned for more darkpsy updates and decoration §§
Rauwstraat 18A, Veerle-Laakdal, Antwerpen (Belgium)
Entry fee
Entry fee
12,50 before 00/00 15 after
Arcade disfunction rec. and Amazing fest word
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