Line Up
**Whrikk** (Sanaton, Lost Theory Records) Hrlm

**Kuro Fusion** (Parvati, Sanaton Records) Hrlm

**Fata Morgana** (Real vision Music) Hrlm

**Umma Gumma** (Sanaton Records, Real vision Music) Hrlm

**Crazy Kris** (Real vision Music) Hrlm

Once upon a time, In a small town close to Amsterdam called Harlem some group of youngsters met in Kindergarten, what stared at the sandpit in early days ended up plugging cables at weird machines to make some kind of groovyness! Amsterdam being already established in psytrance culture, thy wanted to find there own sound, the Hrlm sound! Crunchy, groovy, jazzy with a eclectic attitude :)

+ special warm-up act by WHRK

Deco by Mystical Forest, and friends
entree 10€
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