Andesground Festival

Andesground Festival 31 Dec '18, 22:00
Party flyer: Andesground Festival 31 Dec '18, 22:00
Line Up
TupaQ - Techno
Strachan - Progressive uk
Mike Angelo - Techno
Bandini &
Spice Jungler Techno - Arg
Exodo - PsyTrance
Washuma - Psygressive
Espiritus- Darkpsy
PsyTayta - PsyTrance
Musuk - Techno
Nu-Bastards - Techno
Aquamorfus - Forest
Jaguar del Sol - DarkProg - Br
#Psychedelic #Trance #Techno #Andean #Beats #Chillout
S/.60.00 Soles until 15 December
S/.80.00 Soles From 16 Dec to 31 December
S/.100.00 Soles @ Door
++++Presale Tickets++++
Buy at
"Procu's Market" Street Procuradores #330 - Cusco
Quilla Tattoo - Chihuampata #543 - San Blas - Cusco
International Travelers Can Make a Ticket Reservation sending a message to
when you arrive to Cusco City you can pickup your tickets at shops or by delivery only cusco city.
*Your Ticket include camping area
++New Years Eve Packs++
Couple Pack S/.200 soles
2 Tickets
2 Vine Glass 2 Sparkling / Peach
2 Beers 2 Tequila Shots
2 Bottle of Water
Triple Pack S/.300 soles
3 Tickets
1 Bottle, Choose between, Whisky, Pisco, Vodka, Rum
3 Energetic Drinks or Beers
3 Bottles of Soda 3 Bottles of Water
Four Pack S/.400 soles
4 Tickets
1 Bottle, Choose between, Whisky, Pisco, Vodka, Rum
4 Energetic Drinks or Beers
4 Bottles of Soda 4 Bottles of Water
Six PackS/.600 soles
6 Tickets
1 Bottle, Choose between, Whisky, Pisco, Vodka, Rum
6 Energetic Drinks or Beers
6 Bottles of Soda 6 Bottles of Water
Vip Pack we can make a pack to your desire...
Free Delivery for Combo Packs all hotels center historic Cusco City very soon!!!
Camping Area
Food& Drink Area
Open Air
Yuncaypata 12km from Cusco city take all the buses that go to calca until 9pm , stop in yuncaypata price 2 soles,duration 20min , easy access in Yuncaypata go down by the main street until the greenhouse turn left walk 100mts until arrive the event or
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