Amsterdam Blast Events: Blast Off

Amsterdam Blast Events: Blast Off 9 Nov '19, 22:00
Party flyer: Amsterdam Blast Events: Blast Off 9 Nov '19, 22:00
Line Up
Line Up
🇵🇹 AMRAS Live (PT)
🇧🇷 Kayros Live (BR)
🇦🇹 Virtual Intelligence Live (AT)
🇩🇪 Kontaton Live (DE)
🇧🇪 Goangaroo Live (BE)
🌀Deco by Rewired Stringart Deco
🌀Massage by Hawaiian Style Massage
🌀Shops by Crazysun HandMade Action, Warromaja Records and
🌀Projection Mapping
Amsterdam Blast Events is on a mission to bring Uptempo Psytrance to the Amsterdam nightlife!

Our focus is on the subgenres of Darkpsy, Hitech and Psycore. However, we won't be limited by genre borders and always keep an eye out for fresh and diverse sounds. We are highly motivated to bring the finest quality of fast & psychedelic sounds from all over the world to dancefloors in Amsterdam.

You might have heard something about a Blast or two earlier this year in Amsterdam. The success of those small events gave us the confidence to take a serious step forward. At this new and promising location we can offer you a chill-out area, a rooftop smoking area, and ofcourse a night full of blasting!

Our line-up features renowned international artists as well as some talented upcoming names. We are very excited to present our line up to you! 🔥
Venue: BRET - Orlyplein 76
Take public transpot to Sloterdijk Station, after that a 1minute walk
Entry fee
Entry fee
12,50 presale
15,00 doorsale
Amsterdam Blast Events
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