Amnesietheater - Genetic Research 9 Oct '10, 21:30
Party flyer: Amnesietheater - Genetic Research 9 Oct '10, 21:30
Line Up
Kasatka (Bionic Instinct Records / Active Meditation Music)
- Germany []

Jesus Raves (Ultiva Records)
- Serbia -> first time in Germany []

Kanibal Holokaust (Ultiva Records)
- Serbia -> first time in Germany []

Demoniac Insomniac (Active Meditation Music)
- Macedonia []

Kanibal Raves (Ultiva Records)
- Serbia -> first time in Germany []

Solar Zuvuya (Alcyone Database / Shaman Films)
- U.S.A. -> first time in Germany []

Necropsycho (Antimateria rec./ Hypnotice rec.)
- Brasil []
Abralabim (Amnesiecrew / Discovalley Rec.)
- Germany []

Brain Attack (Head of Amnesietheater)
- Germany []

Chaosstepzz´ (Dark Brain Massage)
- Germany chaosstepzz´dark brain massageBERLiN · Germany

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Dr. oguH (Ultra Violence Rec. / Dark Night Events)
- Germany []
Neil Gibson []
Amnesia Visuals
Chai & Indian Finger Food by chai baba []

Two Serbian projects, famous ninjas KanibaL HolokausT and Jesus Raves on warm, summer snowing day came on idea to join a forces to twist their psychedelic and weird sounds into a somethin' new with a great help of hallucination effects from the bottle of vodka.
The style... well... hm... exploring, exploring and exploring with a cause to create something new, the new synthesis of sound and with fresh beats.
It's a mixture of 8bit melodies, crashed sounds, curved amplitudes with countless painted automations spiced with use of oldschool analog synths and drum machines.

Also, they are using modified game consoles, toys, guitar pedals and Syntrax sequencer installed on Pocket PC to give a chip-tune touch to their music.
The result is specific sound which can be entitled like Serbian Hard Folkpsy, something familiar with suomi saundi stylegegehedshjfds... damn, stupid keyboard crash!!!
It's a familiar because of the comic moments, pitched voices and twisted leads... oh Gosh, it's all twisted.
Eichenstraße 4
12435 Berlin

5 Min. Fußweg von S-Bhf. Treptower Park oder U-Bhf. Schlesisches Tor
5 minutes from S-Train Station "Treptower Park" or U-Train Station "Schlesisches Tor"
Entry fee
Entry fee
15,- €
Amnesia Event Management
Owner: Steffen
+49176 / 624 55 647
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