Amanita & Animal Instinct meets Onkel Dunkel / Grapes of Wrath · 25 May 2019 · Innsbruck (Austria)


Amanita & Animal Instinct meets Onkel Dunkel / Grapes of Wrath

Over: 2y 11m
Line Up
LIVE Sounds :

ONKEL DUNKEL (PARVATI Records) DNK first time in Tirol

Onkel Dunkel is the musical alter ego of Monno, producer, mastering engineer, synth lover and sound designer.
After a busy summer he is now back in the studio working on new material to keep your synapses firing at maximum.

Best enjoyed loud in mild climates, no expiry date.

GRAPES OF WRATH (PARVATI Records) DNK first time in Tirol

What would it sound like if psychotic aliens made its own music? The answer is given by Grapes of Wrath with this high pressure-frequencies-driven, non-stop energy psychedelic rush!
An explosive mixture of hard merciless kicking base drums and massive large-scaled basslines combined with skillfully alien sounds and a huge variety of facets, hardly comparable to something already known.


Dj Sets :

******UotoU****** (Italy)

“UoToU” was created by the duo 2017 to go deeper in the mystical dimensions of forest psytrance . Specializing in pumping basslines, detailed percussions, mind melting atmospheres and body battering leads, Uotou now prepares to ooze out soul shattering psychedelia to dancefloors all around this planet and beyond.

******Arya Tara****** (Bulgaria)

Arya Tara's first meeting with the psychedelic was not so long ago in 2015 when she went to her first psytrance party. It was a love from first "sight" and this love was keep growing until it was too much to keep it inside her so she started playing at parties to share it with the others. Mixing old and new, deep and dark with a pinch of lighter groovie forest tracks, her aim is to give you a true transcedelic experiens, to conect you with The Devine.

******Naradha****** (AT)

Always searching for complex tonal and rhythmical patterns, his interpretation of a perfect DJ-Set is a mixture of experimental, highly psychedelic and energetic soundscapes. Raw but yet sophisticated his sets connect you to the earth and kick you into outer space at the same time.

******Mathghamhain****** (AT)
°Soundsystem ***** C37 *****

°Decoration made by ***** Forest Light *****

°Shop ***** SHABALIA *****
Bevor wir im Sommer eine kleine Pause einlegen gibts nochmal richtig fett aufs Ohr!

Amanita and Animal Instinct present :

''ONKEL DUNKEL'' aus Dänemark, einer der bekanntesten und beliebtesten underground Forest Acts von Parvati Records verfeinert uns den Abend mit seinen trippy sounds!
Sein zweites Projekt steht auch noch am Plan ''GRAPES OF WRATH''
ebenso eine sehr geschmeidige Reise durch die dänischen Wälder!

Weiteres freut uns sehr, dass wir zusammen mit ''Shabalia Fashion'' ihren 4. Geburtstag feiern bzw. rocken werden 🤪

Kommt und tanzt mit uns ‼️
Auch ein Gewinnspiel wird es geben 😉
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Für dieses Event haben wir uns auch für das C37 Soundsystem entschieden!
Eintritt gibt´s für 15 EURO, für ALLE die nicht von Nordtirol sind und mit dem Zug/Bus anreisen, 10 Euro.
Andechsstrasse 67a
Eintritt gibt´s für 15 EURO, für ALLE die nicht von Nordtirol sind und mit dem Zug/Bus anreisen, 10 Euro.
Amanita & Animal Instinct
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