alpha.s crazy sounds: va FREAKY KNOBS 3 compiled by Apetech · 20 May 2021 · (Germany)


alpha.s crazy sounds: va FREAKY KNOBS 3 compiled by Apetech

Over: 1y 1d
Line Up

20:05 darkpsy/hightech:
compiled by ApeTech
knobs + keys records

-Z- (alpha & antagon), MetaHuman, Ryux & Dopus Ei, Skup, Dr. Downs, Virgo Cosmos, FilthyLogic vs ApeTech, Cignal Ultra, Solar Eclipse, TheJhila vs Jonny Crash, Meteora, Meiblix, Dead Can Trance, Popek, Tzolkin Project, Ymbx aka Xenolalia, Tom Gotchi, Paranoia Sector, Necroillusion, Traumaticoma, Saiwa, SilverDaze, Electric Sludge, Cherno Being, A-Pyk, Paratrip

faded presentation

21:00 infos:
* Alpha infos, party tips, streams etc.
**interview ApeTech

21:05 darkpsy/hightech:
compiled by ApeTech
knobs + keys records

faded presentation

22:00 :
ALPHA.s *little after show"
feat. more sound of the FREAKY KNOBS 3

22:30 end
BABA RADIO continues, check for specials.
have fun & enjoy 🙂
visuals collected + mixed live by alpha
alpha.s crazy sounds - may 20 - 20:00-22:30cest - va FREAKY KNOBS 3 compiled by ApeTech - presentation + interview -> + +

+++this show contains darkpsy + hightech+++
+++this show is live from st. pauli/hamburg+++

21 years of alpha.s crazy sounds * 16 years of radiostreaming * now incl. videostream: * 13 years on

***the show length incl. ALPHA:s little after show will end from now on exactly at 22:30. the reason is the new livestream of LOWLATENCYRADICALS, which is starting exactly at 22:30 on twitch.
both streams are in a nice communication about the future + will support each other in different ways. as well as extended "a.c.s." shows will be still possible + scheduled together.

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after over 3 years on
+ in general over 20 years of existence 🙂
mainly focussed on psytrance like twilight / forest / dark psychedelic trance / hightech , but everything is possible like psydub, progressive trance to psycore, but it has to be psychedelic trance = alpha's crazy sounds 🙂

live-sets in alpha´s flat studios, sent mixes + sometimes live from events like Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Spirit Base Festival, parades as well as from indoor parties like Dark Moons - Devil's Rejects, 6am eternal, Mystic Rose / Mystic Friday... etc.

livestreaming (audio) since ages, videostreaming started in april 2020, but will stay longer after the official pandemic has fucked off!

specials like interviews with artists/labels/organizer, introductions to new productions + background infos.
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ALPHA.s little after show:
-no concept
-alpha responds on the chat or telling some news + announcing forgotten events
-the music at this time will be like the "rest of the sets", which are longer as the official show or albums or compilations or something completely different 🙂
this is in progress. in the nearer future the aim is to get somebody (artist, visitor, guest etc.) live by video into the *little after show*.
we can
-talk about the past show
-exchanging infos about anything like releases, left winged demonstrations or activities, the situation in the other local psytrance scene, technical discussions + whatever makes sense - be spontaneous 🙂
the babaganousha page opens the twitch window during my show time + "the little after show".
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