alpha.s crazy sounds - va DATABOT + va ENTHEOGEN · 19 Nov 2020 · Hamburg (Germany)

alpha.s crazy sounds - va DATABOT + va ENTHEOGEN

· Over: 2y 2m
Line Up
20:00 experimental/avantgarde/psytrance:
compiled by SANATHANA
samana records
faded presentation

* Alpha infos, party tips, streams etc.

21:05 darkpsy/hightech/psycore:
compiled by BOLON YOKTE
popol vuh records
faded presentation

22:00 end

BABA RADIO continues, check for specials.
have fun & enjoy :)

22:00cet on only:
ALPHA.s *little after show"
visuals collected + mixed by alpha
alpha.s crazy sounds - november 19 - 20:00cet - va DATABOT by SANATHANA samana rec. + va ENTHEOGEN by BOLON YOKTE popol vuh rec. -> + +

20 years of alpha.s crazy sounds * 15 years of radiostreaming * now incl. videostream:

+++this show contains experimental/avantgarde/psytrance (1st hour) + darkpsy/hightech/psycore+++
+++this show is live from st. pauli/hamburg+++

FREE download:
*2 hours after the live show: (1 week)
**every friday the recent show will be added to the archive of "alpha.s crazy sounds on (forever) :)

send your webflyer/sounds etc. to

all psytrance styles (no techhouse/electrohouse/minimal) are presented in the show.

since 11 years on [], 3 years on
after over 3 years on
+ in general over 20 years of existence :)

mainly focussed on psytrance like twilight / forest / dark psychedelic trance / hightech, but everything is possible like psydub, progressive trance to psycore, but it has to be psychedelic trance = alpha's crazy sounds :)

live-sets in alpha´s flat studios, sent mixes + sometimes live from events like Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Spirit Base Festival, parades as well as from indoor parties like Dark Moons - Devil's Rejects, 6am eternal, Mystic Rose / Mystic Friday... etc.

specials like interviews with artists/labels/organizer, introductions to new productions + background infos.
get in touch to promote your sounds/events.


22:00cet on only:
ALPHA.s *little after show"

-alpha responds on the chat or telling some news + announcing forgotten events
-the music at this time will be like the "rest of the sets", which are longer as the official show or albums or compilations or something completely different :)

this is in progress. in the nearer future the aim is to get somebody (artist, visitor, guest etc.) live by video into the *little after show*.
we can
-talk about the past show
-exchanging infos about anything like releases, left winged demonstrations or activities, the situation in the other local psytrance scene, technical discussions + whatever makes sense - be spontaneous :)

attention: the babaganousha page opens the twitch window during my show + will continue with the *little after show* in that window. you can choose if you want to listen to the following radio program or to go on with twitch :)
Organizer + alpha
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