All Stars Gathering 2017

All Stars Gathering 2017 21 Oct '17, 21:00
Party flyer: All Stars Gathering 2017 21 Oct '17, 21:00
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Psychedelic All Stars Gathering 2017

Inner Mind Productions comes back with the II edition of "Psychedelic All Stars Gathering".
Last time we had the collaboration between Tristan & Avalon called "Killerwatts", who took us to a completely different sonic landscape!
On this second edition, entitled "Shamanic Edition" we gonna have three major personalities, true shamans from our psychedelic culture, Dickster, Ajja and Burn In Noise with the project called Infinitti Gritti. Many others will come from all over the world, in many different ways and shapes, to make this Gathering just unforgettable!


Inner Mind Productions ist zurück mit der zweiten Edition von der Party Reihe Psychedelic All Stars Gathering. Beim letzten Mal hatten wir die Ehre uns von Tristan & Avalon, auch Killerwatts genannt, verwöhnen zu lassen. Dieses Mal, bei unserer zweiten Edition, auch Shamanic Edition genannt, dürfen wir drei der grössten Persönlichkeiten willkommen heissen, wahre Schamane unserer psychedelischen Kultur!...Dickster, Ajja und Burn In Noise mit ihr Projekt namens Infinitti Gritti

✯ Line up

Infinitti Gritti (Ajja | Dickster | Burn In Noise)
YabYum - Peak Records (Ajja | Gaspard)
Ajja - Peak Records, CH
Burn in Noise - Nano Records, BR
Dick Trevor - Nano Records, UK
Gaspard - Sangoma Records, CH
Menog - Nano Records, PT
Dust VS Lunatica - Looney Moon, IT | Digital Om Prod, SP
Alex Light - Vr1 Gathering, IND
dj SebastianKos - Antu Records, CH
Doppelpack "Official" - Inner Mind | Xerks Music, CH
Silfverbergversb - LiveTime Prod, CH
Kufanya - Dark Dream, CH
Mahana Mauri - Galactic Tree Tribe, CH
Isac Casi - NTFS | Galactic tree Tribe CH

✯ Deco
Atmosphere Decor | Illuminated Art | Vision of Ghost

✯ Art Gallery
Murmel Design
Schützenmattstrasse 32
8180 Bülach
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Entry fee
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