Alien PsySpiracy

Line Up
DJ Line Up:
**KayoticFox (Earth)
**Kyojin Kanjo (Garner, NC)
**SET (Seth, Asheville, NC)- T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi

** Baruška Anita Michalčíková (Czech Republic) - []
** Jesica Sanchez (Raleigh)- []
** Murphy Fuller (Raleigh)- at Murphy Fuller Media
**Various Artists
Help & Support:
**Josh Lowrance, Sandy Marie Lowrance, Austin Tatious, Cesar Serrano, Cait Skate
Fear, not humans. We come in Peace☮
We come baring truth and magical beats***.

GoΔbo∇e Productions is honored to bring again to Raleigh, NC an out of this world psychedelic experience with an amazing internationally known genre called.. PsyTrance.⌿⌇⊬⏁⍀⏃⋏☊⟒
Including face/body paint, glow art,

This event is off of Glenwood Ave. Hidden behind the XoCo Mexican Restaurant on the Right side. We will do our best to have lights on the side for easy recognition.
**This is a 21+ event, Please bring a Valid ID**
Please respect the DJ's, event staff, the venue and each other. Those that do will be put in time out.
Disrespect (violent behavior, yelling, unwanted touching, disorderly ect)
This Location is off the the street tucked away in an event space for XoCo..... Ask the Hostess for the party location.
Entry fee
Entry fee
$5.... 21+
GoAboVe Productions

Call Joyln KayoticFox @919-292-3295 if anyone has any questions
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