Party flyer: AFTER NIGHT Vol.II 25 Nov '17, 04:00
Party flyer: AFTER NIGHT Vol.II 25 Nov '17, 04:00
After Night ile yeniden 25 Kasım Cumartesi gece sonundan, Pazar gününün ilk ışıklarına kadar Asmalımescit Knight Club'da eğlenceye devam edeceğiz.

25st November we are going to dance till sunrise in Knight Club again, in Asmalımescit.

GATE OPEN : 04:00 - 08:00


Adres tarifi : İstiklal Caddesi'nden İsveç konsolosluğunun karşısındaki sokaka girip, ilk sağa sapınca. Eski Faces.

◄✾ LINE UP ✾►

● Spirit Diablero (Crystal Kids / MMP)

● Gamma Goblin (Crystal Kids)

● Jaan Parva

● Pack (Crystal Kids)

____✾ TIME TABLE ✾____
-04:00 - 05:00 Jaan Parva
-05:00 - 06:00 Gamma Goblin
-06:00 - 07:00 Spirit Diablero
-07:00 - 08:00 Pack


☆Spirit Diablero☆

Caner Genç made a stride to his musical life by taking education of baglama and education of base music at the age of 13. He was graduated from Department of Music in Bursa fine arts highschool. He took part in the concerts by playing baglama,bass quitar and percussion in different regions of Bursa,Eskişehir, Istanbul and Almanya during his high school times. Then, he won Department of State Conservatory Basic Sciences in Ege University. The rest of this period, he performed by tending to production and Dj in many places in Izmir and Istanbul within working of electronic music. After the conservatory education in Izmir, he entered department of musicology in Mimar Sinan State Conservatory. He studied by being interested in technology of sound recording and field of analog period electronic music during hiseducation period in here. He has maintained his musical studies as a producer and a DJ. as a resident DJ/Producer at Mind Manifest Records and Crystal Kids.

*Intruments which can be played by him: Piano,bass quitar,synthesizer,percussion.
*Place which he performs: Monx Istanbul, Salinas Night Club, Koma Taksim,a'pera, Bursa Ka bar, Monks Kadıköy, Mojo Beyoğlu, Beat club, Publika nişantaşı. Depo taksim, Riddim taksim, Temple, Goril, Barbar Bursa, rabbit, 1871, Epope, Rise



Onur Pekinöz aka PACK was born in Istanbul. He started getting interested in music 15 years ago playing guitar and drums. After completing his DJing course at Connection Records, Turkey; he started mixing tracks as a Dj at 2010. By that time he was playing house / techno. Psytrance was calling him so hard and he started play psytrance in 2013. Since then he played at almost all indoor psytrance parties in Istanbul. In 2014-2015 summers he was in the line up at all outdoor festivals in Turkey. He plays progressive psytrance and twilight as well as psydub as a resident DJ at Crystal Kids.


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Knight Pera
Asmalımescit. Sofyalı Sokak. No:16
34430 Taksim
After Night
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