Aes Dana live // Solar Fields live // by DTPonTour · 12 May 2018 · Athens (Greece)


Aes Dana live // Solar Fields live // by DTPonTour

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downtempo paintings is proud to present you a magical journey of downtempo music in athens greece - let's celebrate spring and welcome summer!


AES Dana is the main moniker for Vincent Villuis, a French composer, sound designer, Dj and co-owner of Ultimae records as well as one of the founding members of Asura.
Bass player and singer in several coldwave and industrial bands as a teenager, Vincent then moved on to composing with machines and specialised in sampling and layering of acoustic sounds digitally transmuted. His music is a fusion of Deep Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, infused with hints of Neo-Classsical Electronica, Industrial and Liquid Drum’n’Bass.
As AES Dana, he produced 6 solo albums, an audio samples library, participated to about 3 dozen compilations while collaborating on three albums with Swedish artist Magnus Birgersson under moniker H.UV.A.Network and with Greek artist Miktek on the release of EPs and the Fragments Libraries. He is also known for his artistic direction on the Fahrenheit Project series of compilations (Ultimae) and, as head of the Ultimae Studios, has earned a solid reputation for his audio mastering works & Sound Design. Vincent Villuis was the official Artist in Residence at “ Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace “ between 2009 and 2012 which led to collaborations with artists and choirs from the Classical Music world and compositions for multi-diffusion installations such as “ Le Jardin Magnétique “ & “ Icebergs ” and creation of audio-guides for the site.
He composed scores and licensed existing works for short and feature films, documentaries and BBC tv programs such as « Atrophy Bank » by Sam Asaert, « The Passport » by Amund Lie, « Mandorla » by Roberto Miller or « Breath of Life » by Susan Kucera which opened new perspectives on composition and sound design and collaborations with various advertising agencies.He is currently working on several projects in parallel: albums, remixes, tracks, scorings for advertisings & special projects.


In the late 90s, Göteborg based Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson created Solar Fields, a project considered like one of the most productive and creative in the Scandinavian electronic music scene.
As a High-Tech sound designer and multi-instrumentalist, Magnus Birgersson developed Studio Jupiter, a living museum of machines in which he builds his unique sound universe, poles apart from current trends in the genre; with Solar Fields he explores the wide possibilities of electronic music from depth to floating atmospheres, cultivating contrasts and subtlety with brio.
In an interview Magnus recalls: ”Music happened to me the day I was born. Been having music and instruments around me in the family from the very beginning. I started to play piano in the 70’s. During this period I also got introduced to synthesizers. In the mid 80’s Istarted to hook up synthesizers to computers and I’ve been doing that since then.
I have also been involved in all kind of different projects, from guitar player in rock bands to pianist in Jazz funk band, keyboard player in drum n bass band.” He currently collaborates with Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana on H.U.V.A. Network and T.S.R. in the company of Daniel Segerstad and Johannes Hedberg from Carbon Based Lifeforms.
Under moniker Solar Fields, he composed 16 albums and appeared on over 60 various compilations. The first solo release, [ Reflective Frequencies ] signed on Ultimae in 2001 presented an ambient music patchwork with a constant yet ever-changing structure, at times cold and mechanic, at others warm and soothing. A very promising debut which set the pace for [ Blue Moon Station ] two years later, where the artist explored the high tech downtempo and trance energies and focused on the notion of a long fluid story in a futuristic environment. Late 2005 Solar Fields composed [ Leaving Home ] and [ Extended ], the later being a limited edition. These two albums received excellent comments from the media and industry professionals, opening new horizons for Magnus Birgersson and his true visionary work.
His 5th album [ EarthShine ], launched in 2007, offered an excursion into upbeat soundscapes blending blasting morning Trance, progressive, original psychedelic, tribal and ambient realms; sculpting his own style with outstanding mastery. This up-tempo opus was warmly welcomed by the progressive and psytrance scenes and playlisted by top Djs. This led to Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE commissioning the in-game score for Mirror’s Edge, a new first-person action adventure game released worldwide on 14th November 2008. The soundtrack hit the VGC Top 20 Original Soundtracks in Gaming.
The following year Solar Fields composed [ Movements ] to relate the changes in his artistic life. The album was ranked in the top 10 of best albums by Echoes listeners and received excellent press.
In 2010, as in the reminiscence of a dream, he subtly recalled the [ Movements ] harmonies and melodies with an immersive remix album [ Altered ] – Second Movements and started the Origin series, four albums which aim to present archives and unreleased songs. [ Until we meet the sky ] and [ Random Friday ] two orphic albums composed in parallel confirm his ability to switch and explore new musical genres. In 2013 he released the second chapter in the Origin serie Origin # 02.
2014 Solar Fields started his own label called “Droneform records” where he now releases most of his music. The albums Red, Green, Blue were the first three releases on this label.
On September 30, 2015, it was confirmed by DICE, as well as Solar Fields himself, that he was indeed creating the in-game score of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. In June 2016 Solar Fields Released the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Official soundtrack album which spans over 5 hours of music.
He is currently working on his next Solar Fields album, which will be released in March 2018 and as well as some new and exciting collaborations.

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Side Liner began as a project in 2004 by Nick Miamis in Athens, Greece to explore the emotional side of music and give shape to the events of the day. His music is best noted for the continuous flow of thought it creates, often visually stimulating and evocative of a particular mood — without the jarring interruptions of so much of today’s electronic and chillout music.
The sounds created by Nick in his studio by the sea are heartfelt expressions of his concerns for the future — whatever it may bring.
Side liner has released 15 full albums: “Emotional Diving” (2006), “Once Upon A Time” (2007), “My Guardian Angel” (2008) ,”Crying Cities” (2009), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle” (2009) , “Human Recycle” (2010), “Dream Stealers (2011), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2” (2012), “I A Bird Now” (2012) , “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 3 (2013, “9 Years Side Liner” (2013), “Water Everywhere” (2013), “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 4” (2013), "Out Of Town" (2016) with Aviron, "Last Breath" (2017) all through Cosmicleaf Records and numerous eps and tracks in compilations.
Miamis often releases “beta” versions of a track through and other music channels on the web to get feedback from the public before finalizing an album. He personally reads and often responds to the feedback he receives through “shouts”. His broken English is testament to his desire to get everything he does “just right”, and the final production is usually flawless.
The critics have taken note of the body of work from Miamis and have begun to help spread the word— or the music. As Groove Magazine perfectly described, “Side Liner’s music is a journey through sublime textures that hopscotch between comforting warmth and oblique menace. Running the gamut from ambient to breaks, (the music) soars through dreamy soundscapes where Side Liner’s chilling vision of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world.”
Nick Miamis began releasing his music in 1999, his first record deal with Discobole Records. under various names before Side Liner project, his work was mostly considered “trance”. Miamis has created or produced over 330 tracks, covering 113releases -some of whom were on “chillout” compilations as well as his own albums. He is also the label manager of Cosmicleaf Records.


Behind Cydelix is George Deligiannis, producer and sound engineer composing since 1997 dance and electronic music. Studied Music technology and acoustics at ATEI of Crete and also music lessons since he was eight. He plays Keyboards, Cretan and Politiki Lyra.
Has more than 50 songs released under Cosmicleaf recs, unicorn music and dr recordings. In 2003 He released his debut album "Close to her eyes" which was sold out. In 2010 a second album "The right to remain silent" is out for abient chill people. In 2011 his 3rd album titled "preparing the next generation" gave him boost on the scene.
A second name Geedel came out for his dance productions nowadays and releases his sonic creations with many known labels as Platipus records (porcupine), Redux (Condura), Destination Sunshine etc. He works with many hardware synthesizers such as Roland Sh - 101, Roland RS 09, Roland alpha juno-2 and Jp-8000, DSI Mopho, Virus TI, Crumar multiman and an Armenian Duduk. His music expands from dark chill abient to DnB and from minimal house to progressive trance.


Signal: an electrical impulse or radio wave transmitted or received.
Converted to "Sygnals" due to the transmission through multiple brains !
A collaboration of Alexandros A.(R.I.P) , Aristides K. and Phoebus N.
Each one of them started producing music at the early 2000.
Being friends for many years & having the need to create something unique,
they decided to join forces.
Tuning their different acoustic influences,
combining music knowledge-creativity & fantasy, they formed Sygnals in 2007.
Their sole purpose is to produce cerebral music for inner & outer mind-journeys,
throughout a fusion of chill-out, downbeat & atmospheric psychedelic soundscapes..!


Coming straight from Athens, Qses likes to travel within the sounds of Ambient, Downtempo and Progressive Trance!!!! He has played with Some of the biggest Progressive and Ambient names like (Atmos-Vibrasphere-Phaxe-Ritmo-Nok-Wizzy Noise-Aes Dana-Asura-Circular-Tripswitch) etc.
2011 Q joined the crew of Savva Records as Dj, Savva Records is located in Northern Germany and Support Actively the Progreesive Scence. Q was the admin of Electrocaine Radio since 2007 till 2012,Electrocaine became famous in 78 countries all over the Globe.
Q except as a dj parallel works for the world of Aviation.
If you havent heard of Dark Q by now then where have you been hiding?

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10447 Athens
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