Acid Rave ૐ old school goa gathering · 21 Dec 2018 · Timișoara (Romania)

Acid Rave ૐ old school goa gathering

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Line Up
ૐ Galaxy Unit Live ; Goa Galaxy Records / Bulgaria

ૐ Zenesis ; Goa Galaxy Records/ Tm

ૐ Nude Dude ; Transylvaliens / Sb

ૐ Chan:dra ; dimension_4 / Buc
Deco : A Patra Dimensiune/ dimension_4 - special rave deco setup
When I close my eyes ....I go back in time.......on a beach, close to the dusk where only us and nature once was. I get close to the sound because when in Goa it was impossible to have a party, the tribes moved to Maharashtra and then we danced until the dawn of time together....It was that times when the music was eclectic in style but based around instrumental dub versions of tracks that evoked mystical, cosmic, psychedelic, and existential motifs.

" The first parties were campfires on the beach where we were playing guitars, drums, flutes etc., and the full moon parties etc. all grew out of that!!! Later on we got some electric equipment started making jam sessions and then bands, and then it went on to full DJ parties with techno music in the early 80’s. We pretty much initiated the whole way of life that Goa came to be, at that time!!! "
There is more space inside the music, even with the very fast music also, there is a special space and a special ambiance that makes it psychedelic for me,I have always said about Goa party, „It’s not a just a disco under the coconut trees, it‘s an initiation!!!”

( Goa Gil : An interview with the Master Magus / Mushroom magazine )
Capcana ex Daos
Entry fee
Entry fee
20<00>30 ron
A Patra Dimensiune/ dimension_4
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