A DARK FAIRIES DREAM - Into the wild TRIPLAG night

A DARK FAIRIES DREAM - Into the wild TRIPLAG night 8 Oct '10, 22:00
Party flyer: A DARK FAIRIES DREAM - Into the wild TRIPLAG night 8 Oct '10, 22:00
Line Up
PSYCHOSON (Triplag music) Greec


Giannis aka Psychoson was born in 1977 in Peloponese, Greece.
He was raised in Corfu, Greece where he still lives.
He started organizing psychedelic trance parties in 1998 (Mother Earth team) and djing in 2002.

He produces his own sound since 2003 and released his debut track "usa lsd" on HSS rec.

For licencings, bookings and msn contact: psychoson13@yahoo.gr

MORBID SOURCE (Triplag music) Austria

Morbid Source (Triplag Music) are Michael Bikow and Herbert Thaler.
Michael Bikow: Born in Austria (Innsbruck) on 10.05.1979. His first music influences was Queen, Guns n Roses, Abba, 2 unlimited, U 96, Samael, Type o Negative - my girlfriends girlfriend, Metallica, Dorsetshire, The Delta, S.u.n. Project - 380V, Infected Muchroom, GMS - animal, Jaia - mai mai, and all music that feels like alive.

1998 year gave Michael a new wonderfull sight of life ( open air party in swiss )
In 2002 he buys first music instruments, with the goal to bring people in emotion.

Herbert Thaler: Born in Austria (Innsbruck ) on 10.09.1977

First music influences was rock, Metallica and all another Metalbands. Than a little bit harder Death and Blackmetal, Mayhem, Burzum, Dark Throne and many more. Than he went on a search for something other in music. A short time listen a little bit of rave in the 90`s but found it little bit boring.
Then for the first time in Innsbruck sound of trance had become a very special electronic sound.
He goes to a lot of partys in INNSBRUCK, SWISS, ITALY... and my first Outdoorparty was in Afrika SOLIPSE 2001 Sambia and San Francisco 2006 HOWIRED STREET FAIR
In 2005 Herbert begin as Psytrance DJ.
2006 start to play with the Mystery World Guys in Innsbruck and also beginning Music Production and some months later he met Michael and Morbid Source were born.
Since this time we working day for day to bring feelings from us in the sound what we make.
is a new founded dj team between
PSYKOS (Triplag music) & TARAN (independent)

Psykos is Markus Kos, dj and party organizer from Tirol/Austria.
He started visiting parties in the year of 1999 and since than infected of the psycedelic culture.
After some years visiting parties and dancing he got more interested to look behind the scene and so he started djing and organizing parties. He did first parties for 4 years before he started later his Fairys dream "Spielplatz der Psychonauten" and Trimurti series.

He is member of the psyence records crew and since 2009 he is proudly member of Triplag Music family.
Psykos plays dark atmospheric mystical psy trance sets from 150 up to 160 and plays in countries like Checz Republic, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and more is coming. In those parties as dj he shared the decks with artists like Kundalin Project, Coma Sektor, Agressive Mood, Silent Sphere, Planet Ben, Malice in Wonderland, Khopat, The Path, Paratox, Imix, and many more.....and more coming


VIC TRIPLAG aka FUNGUS OK (Triplag music, DARK rec., Rockdenashi) Ru / Irl

Vic was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. where he received Jazz musical and computer science education. In 1996 he immigrated to Ireland where he later got in touch with Electronic music.
Starting as a vinyl DJ he later moved to Psy trance and CD decks.
Filling the void for the underground sound of DarkPsy Vic created Triplag project in July 2005. Providing 24/7 webradio stream of darkpsy music and online community for the followers.
In 2007 TRIPLAG MUSIC label was established to anchor Triplag style in the vast ocean of psychedelic trance music.

What you can see and what you can hear is the perception of the reality.
I believe in what I see but I can only imagine of what I hear.

at present time Vic actively manages Triplag Music label and webradio from home-town Dublin, ensuring continues flow of high quality dark psy releases from Triplag.


NAMUANI (ArteMagica org.) A

Namuani, who lives in the Alps of Austria/Tyrol, comes for the first time in touch with psychedelic music in the year of 1999. From the beginning she is totally thrilled by this music and since then she know what her has always been lacking in her life. Soon Namuani finds out, that she belongs to the dark side of psychedelic music. As a nighthawk she loves the darkness with their mystique and secrets. Since 2007 she stands behind the players and try to push up the party crowd into another dimensions and levels of consciousness. She is influence by her friends of Malice in Wonderland and Morbid Source, Claw, Torog, CPC, Necropsycho, Narcosis and all the other great dark acts she loves. Thereby Namuani developed her own style, which can be described as obscure and hard with atmospheric, melodic tunes in the background and always a strong, powerful and kicking bassline from 150 up to 160 bpm.
Chai by Freetom und Regina :-)
Eastgold-Artfactory from germany ;-) very special decoration


some pic:

After one year brake organizing parties i am back with my fairies dark or dark fairies dream into the wild parties.....for the first party i will bring you amazing international dekoration and internation live act from triplag music....hope you will enjoy. I WILL :-)


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)




22.00 - 24.00 1 h Psykos - 1 h Taran
00.00 - 01.00 Morbid Source live
01.00 - 02.30 Vic Triplag
02.30 - 03.30 Psychoson live
03.30 - 05.00 Namuani
05.00 - end Triston Twisted

Live Stage
Entry fee
Entry fee
10 Euros
12 Euros with a older Triplag release
also avalable: New Triplag releas Lunar Prophecy for 6 euro special party price
nice price for drinks :-) :-) :-)
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