8th Anniversary of "Monkey Krew" 18 Nov '17, 22:00
Party flyer: 8th Anniversary of "Monkey Krew" 18 Nov '17, 22:00
Monkey Krew are proudly to announce the 8th Anniversary of existence, so will be a very special celebration with a very knowned international live act!!

☆☆☆☆☆ LINE UP ☆☆☆☆☆

> Blazing Noise
(Biopulse Records / SMDrops / Monkey Krew)

☆ Live Act ☆


Blazing Noise is an exciting,brand new Project, Sandro Rosa was born and currently residing in Lisbon..
He start in music in metal and punk bands when he was 14 years old until in 1999 he went to his first psy party in portugal...
This fresh new project was initiated at the end of 2009, with its main aim
to bring some change to the Culture of the psychedelic scene.
The aim of the "Blazing Noise project" is to offer something new, personal, original and psychedelic;

His Music is a perfect mix of melodies and strong fxs, which creates pure,true, and psychedelic music, which evokes people into dancing and invites them to travel through their minds in a fanatic frenzy trip,
all united in a deep induced state of trance.
In 5 year a lot of work and progression to "Blazing Noise project" has taken place and he releases all his tracks made this year in 4 V.A´s for:
Biomechanix Records, from Mexico, Free Mind Records from Portugal and others.
In June 2011 Blazing Noise come with his first Ep "Human behavior" from Biomechanix Rec.

He already play in big party's around the world and festivals Like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Error in Time in Mexico and Land Festival in Marrocos , he also play in partys in country's like Netherlands, Italy, India, Mexico, France, Ibiza London and other country's with some of good artists also like Skazi, Sun Project, Bliss Furious, Crazy Astraunaut, Orca, Rastaliens, Khopat, Talamasca, Vibe Tribe, Spade, and more.

So stay tuned for more Blazing news



Booking Contact:

Email: Blazingnoisebookings@gmail.com

Skype: blazing_noise

Solo Releases

"Human Behavior" 2011 Ep link

"Ring of Fire" 2012 Album Link

"Demon Remixes" 2013 EP link

"NIGHT WISDOM" 2015 Ep Link

"Feelings" 2017 Second Album


> Dj Psykoaktive
(Monkey Krew / Magistrat)


Hugo Ribeiro aka Dj Psykoaktive born
in Lisbon but working and living in Holland, begin his interest about psytrance when he went to his first psychedelic party in January of 2004, discovering a new and fascinating world, Psytrance Environment..... After this party join the Buddha Mantra Organization and start to adquiring knowledge about psytrance, the music, decoration and all things related with it. He meet a lot of new friends, producers and Dj's, start to love music, mixing and playing with it..... In 2005 play's for the first time but using computer and Traktor Dj Studio, and felt a great sensation and discover a new paixon, the art of mixing..... In 2005 goes to Holland and start to play in some parties organized by Shut up and dance, Trance Mafia, EarthDance Festival and others private parties showing is Portuguese Fullonic Style, in the end of 2008 create and start with Joao Ferreira Aka DJ Bitan Bizarro a new Psytrance Event Organization located in Den Haag, Holland, called "Ritmik State Org." with a objective of trying to improve,explore and making something diferent in Dutch Psy Culture, but to many divergent ideas make him abandon his initial project... but his dream dont stopped, in the same year he create and begin "Kosmic Fusion" with his partner Bruno Granja aka HighLowSound, starting one of the best psytrance event organization of Nederland.... created also a private and underground tribe called "Monkey Krew" but because familiar and personal issues he need to stay away from his dream.... But.... in 2013 he return for his roots and come more "Aktive" then never, starting playing again and doing what he likes.... in 2016 he put "Monkey Krew" on again and started making monthly psyparties in the best underground club from Den Haag called "Magistrat Club"....
2017 is a year full of new oportunities and expectations of this project to be continued...........



[click here]


> Dj Acirip
(Monkey Krew / Kosmic Fusion / P.L.U.R.)


My name is Horacio also known as DJ Acirip. I was born on the 17th of March 1987 in the city where Portugal was born, Guimarães.

In 2006 I came to Holland looking for new adventures. On my birthday in 2007 I went to my first trance party. I find here a nice ambient an especially great music. My heart belonged to trance. Since then I have been to a lot more parties and met a lot of great people. In 2008 I wanted to learn how to mix music myself and so I learned how to mix. A great interest from me is to mix versus with my friends.

I am a member of the Kosmic Fusion Productions, Monkey Krew and P.L.U.R.

At this moment I am working on new sets.
Contact me if you would like for me to come play at your party, contact me!



> Dj Sound Forest
(Monkey Krew / NeuroTrance Records)




Sound Forest is Indian born, Netherlands based Abhay Rautela. He released his 1st techno track in 2010 & produces music that overlaps genres like psytrance, psychill, down tempo and techno. He has spun in Asia & Europe including world ranking #6 clubbing institution, Zouk in Singapore. He has been spinning techno and psytrance on a weekly basis in The Hague and Utrecht since he shifted base from Singapore a year ago and moved to Holland, a country he is loves for just the way it is.

Sound Forest discovered his passion for electronic music in high school at an outdoor party when he was vocalist of his school rock band, after which he deeply immersed himself in the underground music scene.

Before he moved on to learning how to deejay and playing at gigs, he began composing electronic music MODs on the DOS based music tracker software, Impulse Tracker.
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Den Haag
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