72 Hours by DMT

!!! X-Mas for Advanced Psyconauts !!!
22.12.2017 - 26.12.2017

Forrest / Progressive / Psyprogressive / Psytrance / FullOn / HighTech / Techno

DMT likes to invite you for another Edition of ouer 72 Hours, this year even with a extra 12 Hour Bonus !! We are entertaining ouer Guests on two Floors with close to 80 Artists performing. Altought finding their Roots in different Styles and Grooves, they all are connected and driven by the same Desire to make People scream and stomp the Ground..!! Join us on our psychedelic Journey in to the World of electronical Music. For 84 Hours we gonna celebrate a Christmas-Party worth to be remembered at the WOOZ Club in Bülach.
22.12 - 23.12. Forrest / Nightpsy / Fullon

Live :
Fobi (Green Wizzard Rec./Psycana Rec.) (MKD)
Fungus Funk (Sangoma Rec.) (RUS)
Tazmanics (Interaural Rec.) (SUI)
Rematic (Freakbrothers Entertainment croud) (SUI)
Futurum Sonat (Monky Buisness Rec./Psycana Rec.) (AUT)
Phonogenetic (Planet Freak/Psyeffect) (SUI)

23-12. - 24.12. Progressive / Psyprogressive / Techno

Live :
Ticon (Iboga Rec.) (DEN)
Mythospheric (Savva Rec.) (ISR)
Giranda (Painthouse Rec.) (SUI)
Hypnoise (Antu Rec./Maharatta Rec.) (ESP)
Chakruna (Antu Rec./Maharatta Rec.) (ESP)
Brahma & BlurryFace (Melopea Rec.) (SUI)
ElvenTee (3886 Rec./Melopea Rec.) (SUI)
Stoertebeker (Techgnosis Rec.) (SUI)

24.12. - 25.12.

Live :
Headroom (Nano Rec.) (RSA)
Audiotec (TechSafari Rec.) (ISR)
Overload (Antu Rec./Maharatta Rec.) (ESP)
Consense (Labyrinthine Rec.) (SUI)
Flash Jack (New Kicks Rec.) (SUI)
Euronymus (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
Extraterrestial (WOOZ) (SUI)

25.12. - 26.12. Higtech / Psytrance / Fullon

Live :
Crazy Astronaut (How2make Rec.) (RUS)
OxiDaksi (Freak Rec.) (ISR)
Virtuanoise (Freak Rec.) (ITA)
Kashyyyk (Kamino Rec.) (MEX)
Hyperactive 25 (Freak Rec.) (SUI)
Adrenochrome (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
White Falcon (Labyrinthine Rec.) (SUI)

Dj`s :
Headroom (Nano Rec.) (RSA)
Audiotec (TechSafari Rec.) (ISR)
Jackatack (Bounce Recordings) (SUI)
Alexsoph (BMSS Rec.) (GER)
INFX (Aphonix Rec.) (SUI)
Overload (Maharatta Rec.) (ESP)
Face Designe (Prog On Syndicate/DMT) (SUI)
Psythai (DMT) (SUI)
Dj Albi (DMT) (SUI)
Golan (DMT) (SUI)

Urban Tribe (Painthouse Rec./DMT) (SUI)
Psygoblin (Cube Rec./WOOZ) (SUI)
Wooble (WOOZ) (SUI)
Strubezucker (Pulsonique Rec./Too Many Words) (SUI)
FullonAcid (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
RAINFALL (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
Talla (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
Koda (Pulsonique Rec.) (SUI)
Catweasel (Explosive Nature) (SUI)
Alopex (Explosive Nature) (SUI)
Anacsa & Harysive (Human Revolution Production) (SUI)
Psycharox (Human Revolution Production) (SUI)
Grünesblau (Grünesblau Rec.) (SUI)
Freakbrothers (Freakbrothers Entertainment croud) (SUI)
Isac Casi (No Time for Silence/Galactic Tree Tribe) (SUI)
Fraggle (Independent) (GER)
Hyperscope (Free Radical Rec./Master of Puppets) (GER)
Tazmanics (Interaural Rec.) (SUI)
Sinex (Independent) (SUI)
Cave (33 Hours) (SUI)
Dj Hooka (33 Hours) (SUI)
Psynimalstic (Psytribe Rec.)
Gj-i-Sawa (Rhithem of Spirit) (SUI)
Gärtlizügs (Painthouse Rec.) (SUI)
DJ Buddha (Independent) (SUI)
ACAB vs Jigsaw (Lost in Reality) (SUI)
Nödweisz (Lost in Reality) (SUI)
Mitra & Bionik (Phantasm Rec./Independent) (SUI)
Orinoco (Psycana) (AUT)
Synapse (Roll-in Groove Rec.) (SUI)
Blackoutboy (Independent) (SUI)
Dj Joshua (Independent) (SUI)
MiuTech (Independent) (SUI)
Diva Sire van Kitten (Independent) (SUI)
Lust & Laune (Independent) (SUI)
Nightwalk (Vibarative Sounds) (SUI)
Mad Fusion (Fusion Elements & New Kicks Rec.) (SUI)
Dän Silverman & Bremer Wattmusikant (Fragment8)(SUI)

Dekoration :
Free Optics (GER)

Location :
Schützenmattstrasse 32
8180 Bülach (CH)

Preise :
1 Nacht : 45.- / 2 Nächte : 80.- / 3 Nächte : 100.- / 4 Nächte : 120.-
1 Nacht : 40.- / 2 Nächte : 70.- / 3 Nächte : 90.- / 4 Nächte : 100.-
Schützenmattstrasse 32
8180 Bülach
Entry fee
Presale Abendkasse

1 Nacht : 40.- 45.-
2 Nächte : 70.- 75.-
3 Nächte : 90.- 100.-
4 Nächte : 100.- 120.-

Vorverkauf auf : [ticketino.com]
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