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5 Skitzophreniks gathering (Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records) 10 Dec '11, 22:00
Party flyer: 5 Skitzophreniks gathering (Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records) 10 Dec '11, 22:00
Line Up

(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Final Nightmare Rec./Belgium)

Pzyko a.k.a. Didier Vanhecke is producing dark psychedelic night trance since 2002 and was one of the first belgian dark psychedelic night trance dj's & live-acts ... With his dj & live-sets he was one of the first to introduce dark psychedelic night trance into the belgian goatrance scene, and as co-founder of the famous belgian party-organisations "Femina Mandragora", "The SquareZ" and "ResquareD" he was one of the "gothfathers" of the belgian dark psychedelic night trance scene ... In 2006 he started with the first belgian dark psychedelic night trance label "Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records", and now 5 years later, Pzyko will play a braindamaging live-set with a selection of "pzyko" tracks he released during these years @ the label, remixed and reshaped into a 2011 jacket of psychedelic insanity ... prepare yourself for some twisted, unique & amazing tunes ...

(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./HSS/Alice-D/HippyFlip crew/Spain)

Murukhan is One Of The Projects That Came To Life In Casper's Head After That He Was Born In Sweden 1982, Dark Long Basslines with A Lot Of Twisted Elements And Hi-Energy Beats & BassLines That Has No Limits Of Velocity And Goes From The Dark Forest To The Maniac Hour! He Is The Founder And Member Of HippyFlip Productions In Barcelona (Spain) And is a member of The Helicon Sound System (Athens - Greece) And Alice-D Productions (Munich - Germany). In 2010 he joined Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records, and now he's gonna play his first live-set on a SLR labelparty ... Be prepared and get some space @ the dancefloor because murukhan is going to make you dance untill you drop !!!

(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Xibalz/Belgium)

When nico a.k.a. Karkazz is not painting crazy u.v. decoration he is producing some evil, hellish tunes ... In 2008 he released his first E.P. @ Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records and introduced himself to the dark world out there ... He's fast, slow, evil, dark, and insane ... @ this gathering he will suprise us with some fresh sounds and unknown fears ... look out ... the Karkazz is coming ... can you hear it ?


(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Final Nightmare Rec./Belgium)

Yata Garasu a.k.a. Paul is the founder of Final Nightmare Records and almost since the beginning member of Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records ... Released his first E.P. @ Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records in 2007 after Pzyko asked him because he believed Yata Garasu would be a succes ... And a succes it was ... 4 years later Yata Garasu released tracks @ many dark psychedelic night trance & psycore labels and he became a wellknown producer in the global scene worldwide ... After not performing in Belgium for over 2 years, he was convinced by Pzyko to play @ this gathering and so Yata Garasu will bring us a dj-set filled with his own productions from the past, and his new masterpieces that will be played here for the first time ...

(Arcade Disfunction Rec./HippyFlip crew/Belgium)

Wim a.k.a. Helloki is the rising star of belgium's newest generation dark psychedelic night trance dj's & producers ... Discovered psytrance in 2005 and is into dark psychedelic night trance since 2006, he loved the music and started dj-ing dark psychedelic night trance in 2009 ... He's currently rising to join the best dark psychedelic night trance dj's in belgium and will make some noise in the future for shure !!! In 2010 he co-founded Arcade Disfunction Records and is member of the Madness Development crew and the Hippyflip crew ... Keep an eye on this darkie with great dj-skills ...

(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Belgium)

Azidax is the project of Kevin Erckens ... Azidax is the man with the golden ears ... always on a quest for perfection ... Before he took a break of the scene he was known as Belgians best dark psychedelic night trance dj ... The selection he makes in a dj-set is amazingly perfect and the mixes he places are tight, smooth and unique ... Be prepared for this comeback ... let's dance !!!

(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Lycantrop Rec./Belgium)

Andy a.k.a. Narcosmix went from bedroom dj to baddass dj when he joined the notorious F.U.B.A.R. crew in 2006 as one of their resident dj's he played and perfected his skills @ the F.U.B.A.R. party visitors ... In 2007 he joined Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records after Pzyko enjoyed his dj-sets he played @ the party's they played together at ... And a phenomenom was born ... As he rocked @ many belgian dark psychedelic night trance party's he got known and invited to play in sweden and spain ... He's also a label dj for Lycantrop Records and Hypnotica Records and when he plays ... quality dark psychedelic night trance is garanteed ...
(Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec./Belgium)

(Paradox Family/Belgium)

*No drugs allowded
*No -18 allowded
*No bad vibes allowded
*No nuclear weapons & suicide bombers allowded
*No pets allowded
*No stealing allowded

*This gathering is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the belgian dark psychedelic night trance label Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records

*First 100 visitors get a CD-R promo-cd containing tracks from the SLR crew that only will be found @ this CD-

*All info can be found @ [page.tl]
Will be announced in time ....
Entry fee
Entry fee
Will be calculated and announced soon ! (it will be as cheap as possible)
Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records
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