3 Jahre Dreamscape - the dream celebration

3 Jahre Dreamscape - the dream celebration 23 Sep '17, 23:00
Party flyer: 3 Jahre Dreamscape - the dream celebration 23 Sep '17, 23:00
Line Up
✯✯✯ .. ⊙﹏⊙ .. ⊙△⊙ .. ⊙ω⊙ .. ⊙﹏⊙ .. ⊙△⊙ .. ⊙ω⊙ .. ⊙﹏⊙ .. ✯✯✯
:: Willkommen bei der Dreamscape!
A Trip into psychedelic trance, chill and groove
║░░ ❁❂❈ PSY MAINFLOOR ❁❂❈

►Stryker (Barcelona) //ESP
►Zyrus 7 (IONO Rec.) // GER

►LUDLEY (Psylofant) // FFM

► Fünf D (Frankfurt)) //GER

► Sequoya (Darmstadt) GER

║ ░░ ><><><>< Chill & Groove floor:><><><║
► Flip Flop (KST/Machmallangsam)

► Frechenhäuser (Unterholz)

║░░ ❁❂❈ Dekoration/Visuals ❁❂❈░░ ║

Microptics (Hamburg)

Kollektiv Schöne Töne (Rhein/Main)

Projektionen, Mapping & Visuals von Optikos

║░░ ॐॐॐ Licht & Laser ॐॐॐ
► max headroom
║░░ ॐ Leibliches Wohl ॐ
✯Chai und Snacks von Chai Caracol (Tanztee HD)
║░░ ॐॐॐ Gadgets ॐॐॐ
Klamotten und Gadgets von Astrein/Unterholz (Wiesbaden)

Special Performance von Tanzlicht K.
Microptics (Hamburg)

Kollektiv Schöne Töne (Rhein/Main)

Projektionen, Mapping & Visuals von Optikos
Grosse Outdoorterrasse (überdacht)

Stand: chai (In der Lounge)

Stand mit tollen psychedlischen Gadgets

A trip into psy trance

Die Dreamscape wird Drei Jahre alt und wir feiern das in unserer Homebase,
dem MTW, auf 2 Floors mit tollen Gästen. Unser Live Act ist kein geringerer als
der Shooting Star der Psytrance Scene: "Stryker" (XSI) aus Barcelona.
Dazu ein "Fünf D" Opening, "Sequoya" als Forrest Closing Act und natürlich eure
Gastgeber, "Ludley" und "Zyrus 7". Im Chill floor entspannen euch "Flip Flop"
und "Frechenhäuser". Die Deko auf dem Psyfloor kommt von Microptics (Hamburg).
Optikos wird wieder ein Mapping für uns aufbauen. Die Chill Lounge wird dieses Mal
durch das Kollektiv Schöne Töne Dekoriert. Weitere Specials sind Schwarzlichtschminken
und Lichtperformance von Tanzlicht K, Chaistand uvm.

Follow your Dreams and escape with us!

Unsere Artists:

Stryker (UnitedBeatsRecords//Spain)


Stryker’s music is a solid mix of Psychedelic Trance, Full-on, Electro with a twist of
Tech. Bart is one of the most known talents of the french Psytrance scene since ov
er a decade, as one head of the hits maker project XSI.
In between touring all around the world and producing music during 14
years, Bart’s tastes and personality evolved, and the feeling that it was time
to make his own project was an evidence. Many emotions bundled together in Stryker: no
limitations by codes with a main motivation: make you smile and dance
His music has been topping the charts several times, and he is working on his album.
Bart has many faces and he is also a well recognized Mastering Engineer, which is
collaborating with the most influent artists and label on the psytrance scene : Avalon,
Space Tribe, Mad Maxx, Talamasca, Sonic Species, Deedrah, Shanti, Dickster,
Outsiders, Tip Records, Digital Om Production, Dacru Records, Nano Records, United
Beats Records, and many more

Zyrus 7 - Spintwist - GER
ist ein Quereinsteiger der schon jahrelang auf psy steht, aber erst April 2014 bei seinem Gig im Berliner Kitkat Club die Initialzündung hatte. Seitdem produziert er progressiven psytrance und hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, die Szene im Rhein Main Gebiet durch seine Dreamscape Events zu bereichern. Seine Collaboration mit Liquid Soul kam auf Paul Oakenfolds "Perfecto Fluoro" und seine Single "Reflection" hatte Premiere auf dem dt. psy label "Iono" und seine Collab mit " ZYCE" erscheint gerade auf Spintwis. Ausserdem hat er sein eigenes Label "Zy:FI" gegründet, wo ab sofort seine Solo Releases veröffentlicht werden.


was born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main. His mother infected him with the „technovirus“, when he was 6 Years old, with good, old Jean-Michelle Jarre Records like Equinox . 1983 he started djing in different Youthclubs . He collected sounds like skinny puppy, front 242, chris and cosey and of course acidhouse . In the early 90 er, when trance and techno where hosted in frankfurt in legendaery clubs like the omen and dorian gray, he was working for the well known records company “ Logic Records” ( Harthouse and Eye Q neighbours) and he had his first club bookings in the “grube “ in sauerland and the secret garden in Limburg. At this time he was the pioneer of the psycedelic trance sound in the rhein-main area. 1995 he started his own parties in the middle of Frankfurt. “ Biology Uk” has been the first “Goa Partys “ in the Town. After this; many Frankfurt Clubs and djs where interessted in Stefans sound and partyconcepts ! He played in famous clubs like dorian gray and XS and played with Famous Djs like carl cox, sven vaeth, laurent Garnier Alien Project , SkaZI Raja Ram, Simon Posford....; on big raves like Voov Experience, Fusion Festival, Antaris Project, Antiworld Psygat ( london UK), time warp ( 20.000 people) and also allways on small underground partys.
Since 1997, he was member and resident of the nada-brahma party community. They created big open air festivals like “Klangwelten” and “the Elements of Life”.
In 1999 he founded the first Psycedelic Trance record and event label hosted in Frankfurt am Main ( Psylofant )
Untill today “Psylofant” is the first adress to go if you want to have a serious trance party in the rhein main area.
He also presented his Style in the famous Radio Show "HR 3 Clubnight".
The style of DJ Ludley is always differend and depense a lot on the audience, he is playing for. He is allways prepaired to play a full-on psy set or fluffy morning sounds or what ever the people want to hear: “its not me who is playing, its the audience. I am just the key between them and the Universe “ is stefans meaning about his djing.
As a producer and Remixer, he worked with the following Acts:
**O-Ton** Hagen Kiew** Franky Miller**Lava303** Yan ( Gecko )Krassowski** Substance T** 808 Toms** Pierre van Loon** Sonnenzyklus**
Recently Stefan is Label DJ of Crystallin Records and started in cooperation with Techno Club legend Talla 2XLC a new Psytrance Event series called "Dreamscape", hostet at the MTW Club in Frankfurt/Offenbach.

Opening Set
Fünf D (Eternal Basement Rec.)


FÜNF D a new style was born "Technodelic" –

Actual release: [beatport.com]


youtube -

Was founded 1999 by Michael Kohlbecker at that time known in the Goa scene as one of the producers of the legendary projects like Eternal Basement Harthouse – God’s Eye Overlords and Saafi Brothers or Montauk P and more on Blue Room Released.
The first releases were on the legendary psychedelic label
That project influenced the psychedelic music scene at that time with a another way of producing technodelic sound!
Which is a combination ot Goa music elements mixed with techno Frankfurt style elements.
After the actual remix from Fünf D of "End Of Time" Michael Kohlbecker LP after years of break now the long expected release:

Closing Set

Sequoya (Sangoma Records)



Sequoya is the project of Yan Krassowski, born in 1979 in Darmstadt, Germany. His love and passion for electronic music started back in the mid 90`s with the young age of 15, where he discovered the local techno scene. Early influences where DJ`s like Sven Väth or DJ Dag and first experiences in technoclubs, like the legendary Omen or Dorian Gray in Frankfurt a.M.
He started to spin techno tunes at small parties until the psytrance virus changed his musical direction. With a bunch of friends – the Gecko Crew ¬ he organised a couple of small parties in his home area, and begann to play progressive/psytrance Dj sets under the alias Yan Gecko. After a couple of years, with lots of national and some international gigs, he joined BMSS Records and released a few tracks on different compilations.
Yans favourite was always rather deep and mystical sound. After some life changing dancefloor experiences at big festivals, he fell completely in love with forest psy and more nighttime orientated music¬ 2012 the Sequoya project was born. The debut EP “Nomad” came out in 2013 on BMSS Records, 2015 the “Singularity EP” on Sangoma and there is more to come. His music can be described as deep, flowing forest psy with a unique style of storytelling and remarkable sounddesign. The liveset is under construction¬ be sure to catch one of his mindbending dj sets meanwhile.

Chillfloor DJs:

Flip Flop (KST/Machmallangsam)


flipflop style means psychedelic-global-ethno-elektro-deep-house-crossover... gerne langsam, manchmal avantgardistisch und bevorzugt Songs die mit hohem künstlerischem Anspruch oder anderen Besonderheiten auffallen... spread the love!

Frechenhäuser (Unterholz)


Frechenhäuser is one of the main resident DJ's from Unterholz, the local psytrance ambassadors for Wiesbaden. Since schooldays he used to play guitar in several bands and music projects. The groovy and psychedelic-rock sound he was listening to back in the days created the base for his obsessesion in Djing nowadays. Since 2014 he is playing DJ-Set all around Germany and Switzerland.


Feel the magic of psychedelic trance

★ॐ★ॐ★ DREAMSCAPE 3 ★ॐ★ॐ★
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