25/01/19 Anonymous Alchemists Meeting · 25 Jan 2019 · Gent (Belgium)


25/01/19 Anonymous Alchemists Meeting

· Over: 3y 8m
Line Up
Line Up
Already Maged (Sanaton Records) Ukraine
Jairam (Lost theory records) Berlin
Chazz25 ( (Anonymous Alchemists)RU
Takeshi (Chromosphere)be
Helloki (Anonymous Alchemists)be
Mister Crash (Analogue Renaissance) be
Chuckles (Anonymous Alchemists) be
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https: //www.facebook.com/friendsofthefractalfoundation/
Live Bodypainting possibilities on the spot (free or on donations) if you can dig it. i ll be carrying also with me a few brand new hand made FFF T-shirts freshly made by us for you. Thank you already for all the support you will bring with you, the good vibe and your smiles, See you on the dance floor.
carlito · 218
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Keine Werbung, keine Banner, kein Tracking - nur ab und zu diese Meldung, die dich um eine kleine Spende bittet…
OK, zeig mal