2º ANIVERSARIO PSYVILLA 11 Oct '19, 22:00
Party flyer: 2º ANIVERSARIO PSYVILLA 11 Oct '19, 22:00
Line Up
*BAOBAB* (PsylocibeSound)
*CHILD OF NIGHT* (Psyvilla)
*CURRO* (Fullmoongui)
*HOKO* (Skizodelic Mind / Melkart Records)
*KRLY* (Indep.)
*LLUL* (Psilocybe / Psyvilla)
*LYNX* (Sporas Return)
*MOLLY* (Skizodelic Mind)
*MONYKA* (Transition, Fullmoongui, Skizodelic Mind, Psyvilla)
*PSY CHAIN* (Skizodelic Mind / Fullmoongui / Psyvilla)
*PSYCUTA* (Psyvilla)
*PSYKRAN* (Indep.)
*PSYKHOPOMP* (Skizodelic Mind / Fullmoongui / Psyvilla)
*RA MOON* (Ohmnium Records)
*REDEYE SELECTA* (Sporas Return / Psyvilla)
*SIDDIKAH* (Fractal Prisma)
*SPKS* (S.U.R)
*Z4THOICHI* (Skizodelic Mind / Melkart Records)
*ZEL ZX* (Female Noise)
*WEVA* (Fullmoongui / Skizodelic Mind / Psyvilla)

**** SPECIAL GUEST**** (Saturday afternoon)
Psyvilla crew
This is our second birthday party! We did 21 free parties in this two years of life... we spent a lot of time and energy to create and share a place for the psychedelic culture in this part of the galaxy... but it can happens only because we have a great psytrance family that make it possible... thank you very much to each person who has come to our gatherings.... u are Psyvilla! Come and live a magical encounter with beuatiful souls and the best psytrance music! See u on the dancefloor! :D
Sevilla City Area... near Olympic Stadium (next to the river)... exact location here--> [goo.gl]
Entry fee
Entry fee
Free party!
Psyvilla Psytrance
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