1.mai free open air 2013

this year on the stage:

materia / 24/7 records live!!!

paradox / zero gravity

aioaska / plusquam records / live!!!

microdot / 24/7 rec

wolle / progressive selection

nono / fantazy records

don ziggy / peak records

kajola / zero gravity

alezzaro / iono records

mayaXperience / soundlab pirates

riff ruff / 24/7records

klangmassage live / soundlab pirates

progressor / together trance

daka / anderswelt

astralex / 24/7 records

nbl / deeprog rec.

ro-tama /zero gravity

parama aka goandi / next time production

tapanov / spirit base

afterhour line up:

psywolf / dacru rec.

sairkarna /ksx sounds /tas

ghost in the shroom / zero gravity

helios / aquatica
8 nbl
9 progressor
10 tapanov
11 daka
12 microdot
13 ro-tama
14 aioaska live
15 alezzaro & wolle
16 mayaXperience
17 kajola & paradox
18 materia live
19 astralex & riff ruff
20 don ziggy
21 parama
22 klangmassage live
23 nono
Entry fee
gratis eintritt für asylwerber, migranten, arbeitslose,ausländer, links gesinnte menschen, wehrdienstverweigerer, hippies, kirchenaustreter, bergbauern oder sogar schnurbartträger, .... hmm eigentlich eh für alle .
zero gravity
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zero gravity´s massiv attack part 2
24 - 25 Mar '17 · Indoor
vienna baby! · AustriaAustria
Line Up: weil es so lustig war gleich nochmal..
Loc: club massiv
Added by zero gravity vienna · Update 2h 48min · 5 · Starts in 25d 28min
NEWUPDATE Fr, 24 Mar '17 · Austria vienna baby!


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