15 Years Suntrip Anniversary | Romanian edition · 29 Mar 2019 · Timișoara (Romania)


15 Years Suntrip Anniversary | Romanian edition

· Over: 3y 6m
Line Up
Dimension__4 in collaboration with Suntrip records proudly presents the 15 years Suntrip Anniversary tour on 29 th of march , Timisoara Romania

We love to dream, to have experiences full of magic and most of all, we love to feel like the world is ours. Time itself can act as a canvas for the music. Let us create a special edition in which emotions, colours , feelings and the best goa-trance from today and the 90s shall be bursting trough the speakers that will fill our imagination to the brim.
We welcome you and hope you`ll become part of the story written about this anniversary

· Line:up ·

• MORPHIC RESONANCE Live • Suntrip rec • Spain

· soundcloud.com/morphic-resonance-goa

· facebook.com/MorphicResonanceOfficial

• ANOEBIS • Suntrip rec • Belgium

· soundcloud.com/anoebis
· suntriprecords.com
· facebook.com/Anoebis
· facebook.com/joskevranken
· instagram.com/anoebis.goa

• DaPEACE • Suntrip rec • Serbia

· facebook.com/dj.dapeace

· soundcloud.com/dapeace

· facebook.com/damirscasni

· mixcloud.com/dapeace/
· De:co & Vis:ual arts ·

• A Patra Dimensiune | dimension_4

· facebook.com/apatradimensiune

Vj Burger | Psihodrom | Freenetik | Nomad Audio

· freenetik.com/vj-burger

• Artwork by Pieter Pan | Belgium
· Location:Sound:Date ·

• 29 march 2019
• Our host for the ritual is Escape Underground Hub
• Fee 30 <00> 40
• Your vibe attracts your tribe !
• Please don't come earlier , we already have all the help needed!!
• We ask you to leave the space as you found it, don't steal or destroy the
• We also ask you to rave consciously and not to get into any kind of fight or argument. We all come here because we love peace and understanding between us,
don't ruin that for other people :)
Escape Underground Hub
Fee 30 <00> 40
@A Patra Dimensiune | dimension__4
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