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24 Mar '11 ·

The next bunch features

Appearance, usuability, some features around party, partytimer and member profile:
Party Photos: Under the new menu item "all photos" are collected every single party photo site. New: Best-of-page for party photos (a lot of fun ). Also new is "Promo Photos" (a better term not occurred to me). There are photos of the upcoming parties, because the organizers can even upload before party starts.

For all the photos is "write-to-member" and "tell-a-mod" available. This allows the photographer wrote a Moderator or notice be given. The link to the image is sent along with it.

The partytimer got a small face lift, the party name is on new position. Click on "delete" must now be confirmed again, which prevents accidental removal. There is also a "share ..."- link that will display the three conventional networks.

In the who-comes-list and the partytimer, the "come to x%" is replaced complete with short sentences or words. Looks nice, I must admit.

Did you get a new message that appear and you click on "New Messages" (above right), only the new messages are shown. If there is no new message, the same click opens all existing messages. We'll see if that makes sense in general.

An organizer has its own page with party visits. It got it's own page navigation, it will be shown every 40 parties. There is also the option of filtering by year.

Profile Edit: Profile pictures can now be directly exchanged. The field for "website" is now a text field and can accommodate any links. For pimped profiles: The display of the default CSS code is an on/off-switch - saves scrolling.

New postings / Member inform: Some are hidden by default the first read and serviceable items. Less is more then.

Bugfix: The [video] Link needed a few days are always two clicks, now back to one.

Bugfix: Oops! Since a few days you can upload 36 instead of 24 party photos. Unfortunately, there is a clean-up script on the server, which looks every night, whether there is too much. And "knew" nothing of the 36, has always allowed only 24, and deleted the rest. Big Sorry, that was a few days of fruitless work for some. (Thanks to GOAgathe)

Hope you like it. Feedback and criticism is always welcome:)

10y 1m#1

Great updates - thanx a lot!!!