5 Nov '09 ·

Somebody is Missed

Since sunday , 01-11-2009 at 2:30 pm is Alexander Paul Linke (also as an Alex) missingly. He have over 3 years a Goabase-Account, maybe you know where he is?!
From the police:
"The 21-year-old boy was with a friend on the party in the event factory in Bardowick.
On 01.11.09, last about 2:30 p.m., the 21-year-old was seen by a friend in the area of the event factory in the street Viti Furth. He stood obviously considerably under alcohol effect. As the friend offered to take him, he ran away in the direction of a field. Since him the 21-year-old has not been seen any more."

9y 5m #1

Uff.....heard about this, horrible story, hope he shows up soon...alive !

9y 5m #2 krize

hope all is well. thought goes out to friends and family.

9y 5m #3

very sad.. felt so bad, i hope everything is ok about him.. and he is alive..

9y 5m #4 krize

lets have the hope all !!

9y 5m #5 TranceNomades

bad story... hope he's ok...

9y 5m #6

can u return man!do it

9y 5m #7 ϞaScI - Goa Session - c_y


9y 5m #8 MenTaL

hope u r well alex