Goabase News

10 Mar '11 ·

Some little changes around images

Minor enhancements around party and member photos. Increased limits, better compression etc.
- Among the photos is "write-to-member" and "tell-a-mod" involved. This allows the photographer to be written or a moderator notice be given. The link to the image is sent along with it.
- If your images appear the link "edit". So you get to the list of your photos.
- Voting on your own photos is no longer possible.
- Images were once compressed to 60% now to 80%. More memory and traffic on our server, but better quality.
- increases party photos limit from 24 to 36 photos.
- increases of 42 member limit of 100 photos
- upload page only shows five fields for the new files (better handling).

In general, for all new images:
- New animated gifs to be reduced to 2 frames that make a loop of a second (let's see who complains there;))