15 Aug '08 ·

2. Server runs!

The second server runs now! We got offline-times around one hour today but after that the second server runs perfect and really fast. The first server (Apache/PHP) produces the output and the second server delivers the content (MySQL).
Both together are creating one page now

And now the goabase runs faster than ever expected

12y 3m#1۞ Alienholograma ۞

hi, I don't succeed in modifying the details of the party anymore.
in the preview all ok is visualized! updating tells me happened with success... but I visualize as before everything...
hi Gabriele

12y 3m#2amalesh

thank you for the hint. the error is fixed, should be working again

12y 3m#3krize

It works faster for sure ! Great work !

12y 3m#4Uru

jo n1

12y 3m#5Spencer

ja. schneller. aber nicht sehr viel... schnüff.

12y 3m#6


12y 3m#7amalesh

There was an error with inserting or updating of a party, side effect of the new server. The error is fixed, it's possible to add or change a party again.

12y 3m#8


lots of thanks.
Great work.

12y 3m#9Hardy Hartmann

Thanks a lot !!!!!!
it's unbelievable that this is really goabase working so fast :D

12y 3m#10

Excellent work! I dont know if its THIS FAST just because every1 is at Boom now, bot Goabase now is rocket-fast! Wooooooh

12y 3m#11Outdoor-Autor

nice work and well done ;-)
very fast party changes are possible now.
faster than myspace, yesssss :-)
thx a lot amalesh.

12y 3m#12DerChris ॐ

great job!
als nächstes wird dann geclustert? :D

may the code be with you

12y 3m#13

this is the best apache PHP and MySql

12y 2m#14

speed increase not noticeable from italy :(

12y 2m#15amalesh

95% of all pages are generated under 0.5 seconds.