YAGA - Trancesoteric gathering 19 Jul '07, 18:00
Party flyer: YAGA - Trancesoteric gathering 19 Jul '07, 18:00
Line Up
Aviate Live (NOR)
Deviant Species Live (Ambivalent rec./ UK)
Puoskari Live (Freakdance rec./ FIN)
Shamaniuk Live (Yegaveda)
Adrin (Euthanasia/ BY)
Anar (Cosmic Theatre/ FIN)
Banjankri (Digital Nature/ LV)
Blue Storm (Dreamworks/ NL)
Di Ji (Magma/ Katanoisi/ BE)
Escogido (Siloka)
Feather (USA)
Gavrila (aka Gabriel, Aerodance/ RU)
Harihara (Carpathian/ SK)
Hawaiik (Planetarium group/ EE)
Hydra (Nocturnal Wizardz/ IN)
Malanka (Yegaveda)
Man@Space (Digital Nature/ LV)
Manga (Reactor s.s./ RU)
Nabi - Digital Nature/ LV)
No Rain (Telekinesis)
Paul+ (Chai Emporium/ UK)
Psyairy Tale (Misko dazniai)
Sashi (Cosmic connection/ RU)
Seaone (The Globe/ UK)
Shakti (Chillum Tribe/ EE)
Solar aka Andy Baba (Better world promo/ UK)
Strange attractor (NL)
Cycp (Planetarium group/ EE)
Trantic (Yegaveda)
Unitone (Elixiria/ Sunstation/ RU)
Zooch (Yegaveda)
and others
LIVE: Abhi (Ohm rec./ U.A.E.)
Aida Noridania (BE)
Dreadlock Tales (Cosmic Theatre/ FIN)
Drum Fiddlers (LT)
Monkas Zen
Yggdrasil (SWE)

DJs: Ambisense (Digital Nature/ LV)
Blue Storm (Dreamworks/ NL)
Bombey (Klusa Daba/ LV)
Direktorius (Green Sounds)
Earthwalker (The Globe/ UK)
Feather (USA)
Incredible Tide (I)
Kulverstuk (Yegaveda)
Lemon Tree (Chai emporium/ UK)
Malanka (Yegaveda)
Nabi (Digital Nature/ LV)
Nektaras (Siloka)
Oval (Cosmic Theatre/ FIN)
Paul Harbor (SWE)
Peresvet (Ambientuser.com/ LV)
Psi Psokoino (Chillum Tribe/ EE)
Red Serpent (Yegaveda)
Sarasvaty (Elixiria/ RU)
Strange attractor (Netherlands)
Wickiss (Klusa Daba/ LV)
Zenith (Siloka)
Zuvuya (Digital Nature/ LV)
and others
FreeTranceForm (Moscow), Toomas Altnurme (Tallinn), Linaslight, Julius, Yegaveda and other artists from Baltics, VJs, jogglers and fire performances.
Yaga is taking place in an amazing waterside location somewhere in woods of Dzukija in Lithuania. It is an interdimensional fusion and it is a part of transformational process the Earth is undergoing. The concept of the event appeals to raise your consciousness and understanding through music and dance, psychedelic experience, esoteric knowledge and practice. Yaga is calling to gather in a wonderful place under the stars to unite our magical energies and direct it to make the world a better place.

The main days of the gathering are 19-22 July after which a smaller after party will carry on the vibe. Three days and three nights will be filled with music, dance and knowledge for the thirst. To get more information about the location, artists, workshop program, tickets and other, ask the signs on the trees in the yaga web forest.

Also: Healing area featuring workshops and lectures, sweat lodge, cinema.
Beautiful lakeside location in the forest 60km south from Vilnius. How to get there from Vilnius and general tips on getting to Lithuania you can find on the website.
Entry fee
Entry fee
70LTL at the gates (20EU)
EN: +37064131548 LT: +37064132138
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