YAGA - Psychedelic Gathering 23 Jul '09, 22:00
Party flyer: YAGA - Psychedelic Gathering 23 Jul '09, 22:00
Line Up
Cauac (Rainbow Bridge)
Cini (Cymbidium rec., Finland)
DoHm (Mishko Dazhniai)
Gaiana (Siloka)
Glooex (Sun Station rec., Russia)
Hutti Heita (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Krussedul (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Loke (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Mullet Mohawk (Antiscarp rec. Finland)
Pavel Svimba (Hippie Killer Productions, Antiscarp rec., Finland)
Portal Protection (Arkona Creation rec., Estonia)
Pradox (Arkona Creation, Netherlands)
Puoskari (Freakdance rec., Finland)
Re-Horakhty (Mishko Dazhniai)
Saules garsai
Scooter Baba (Antiscarp rec. Finland)
Shockrocket (Weirdsoundz, Germany)
Snyper (Antiscarp rec. Finland)
Spatial Feature (Night Oracle Rec.,Feelees Rec., Russia)
Triphonic (Arkona Creation rec.)
Andy Baba (UK)
Atman (Swamp Tales)
Echoda (Sunstation, Finland)
Gido (Arkona Creation rec., Siloka)
Hallucin (Techstylism)
Hawaiik (Chillum Tribe, Estonia)
Malanka (Yegaveda, Netherlands)
Nilandri (Swamp Tales)
No Rain (Mind Syrup)
Psyairy Tales (Mishko Dazhniai)
Shatki (Chillum Tribe, Estonia)
Shoom (Yegaveda)
Sunflower (Yegaveda)
Swabedoodah (Weirdsoundz, Germany)
Trantic (Rainbow Bridge)
Unitone (Sun Station, Russia)
Yeti (Trimurti, Russia)
Yggdrasil DJ-set (Norway)
Ziog (Swamp Tales)
Zooch (Arkona Creation rec., Yegaveda)
LIVE: Alexander Daf (System Recordings, Sunstaion, Russia)
Garin (Parastate, Latvia)
Heartphones (Dreamcatcher)
Kujuga DRUMS (Tranceformers)
Monkas Zen (Paratantra)
Psi Psokoino (Arkona Creation, Estonia)
Saga DRUMS (Strokes Temple)
Saules garsai
Suur (Latvia)
Ziog (Swamp Tales)

DJs: Feather (Yegaveda, USA)
Man@Space (Liquids, Latvia)
Melanty (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Mohit (Offworld, India)
Play (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Red Serpent (Arkona Creation rec./ Yegaveda)
Relict (Parastate, Latvia)
Satori (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Shishya (Sunstation rec., Finland)
Solar Sonar (Organic family, Belarus)
Strange Attractor (Metatron rec., Netherlands)
Wickiss (Klusa Daba, Latvia)
Zenith (Swamp Tales)

Flowers OF Life (Wider visions, Finalnd)
Hailisen Lasse lights (Wider Visions, Finland)
FreeTranceForm (Russia)
Synchronometrica (Finland)
Ilium (Latvia)
Pasaka is rusio
Candydelic (Arkona Creation)
Epas (Tranceformers)
Swamp Tales
Tranceformers FX
Eziukas miske & Nerija (Yegaveda)
Shoom & Sunflower

Performance: Lab77 (Latvia)
Gyva tapyba
Fire dancing

VJs: Telepateam (Poland)
Relict (Parastate, Latvia)
Wickiss (Klusa Daba, Latvia)
The gathering will take time, place and space in a fairy beautiful lakeside location hidden in the woods of Lithuania. It will traditionally go on for three days and three nights followed by a cozy afterparty uniting truth hunters, psychedelic activists and enthusiasts from all around the world. Welcome to join in unity and harmony with love for search of the source!

Daytime programm will include different practices for your body and your mind. Yoga classes, openair cinema featuring alternative movies, shamanic sweat lodge, traditional healing techniques, dijeridoo workshop and tea ceremony will all be there for you to try.

Location: [maps.lt]
Ezeraicio forest
Entry fee
Entry fee
early bird presale starts beginning of June
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