VUUV 2014 ► A new chapter of the legend

VUUV 2014 ► A new chapter of the legend 7 Aug '14, 22:00
Party flyer: VUUV 2014 ► A new chapter of the legend 7 Aug '14, 22:00
Line Up
AKAT (MX) - Prog on Syndicate
ANIMATO (IL) - FM Booking
ASTRIX (IL) - Hommega Records
ATMOS (SW) - Iboga Records
ATYSS (FR) - Sonic Motion Records
AURICULAR (DE) - Plusquam Records
AZAX SYNDROM (IL) - Drive Records
BEAT HERREN (CH) - VuuV Records
BLISS (IL) - Nutek Records
BODEGA (DE) - Minimal Anders
BORN SLEEPY (IL) - Hommega Records
COSMIC DEVA (USA) - Shamanic Souls
CREATOR (CH) - Interzone records
CYKLONES (FR) - One Feel Music
DER MO (DE) - Mo´st Wanted
DJANE GABY (SLO) - Ovnimoon Records
DJOANNA (DE) - Waldfrieden | One feel music
DR. BERGER (PL) - Waap Records
DRENAN (FR) - One Feel Music
DUDU GALVAO (BR) - One Feel Music
EGORYTHMIA (MK) - Iono Music
ETNICA (I) - Etnicanet Records
FABIO (DE) - Spin Twist Records
FILTERIA (S) - Suntrip Records
FISHIMSELF (GR) - Mahamaya/The Place
GANDALF (DE) - Iono Music
GOTTSCHALL (DE) - Bassreisen
HANZO (MX) - Blue Tunes Records
HUX FLUX (SW) - Alchemy Records
IGNIS (DE) - Damaru Records
ILLUMINATION (IL) - Hommega Records
INCEPTION (DE) - Blue Tunes Records
JANUS (DE) - VuuV Records
JOHNSON & MENICHELLI (DE) - Lexicon Records
K.I.M (UK) - Zero One Music
K-ISUMA (DE) - Landmark Records
KICK & BASE (DE) - Savva Records
DJANE KIMSKI (AT) - One Feel Music
KINDZADZA (RUS) - Osom Music
KRISTIAN (UK) - Phantasm records
LIGHTSPHERE (DE) - Savva Records
LIQUID SOUL (CH) - Iboga Records
MAGICAL (DE) - Blue Tunes Records
MAJOR7 (IL) - Echoes Records
MAPUSA MAPUSA (DE) - Lexicon Records
MATERIA (A) - 24/7 Records
MILLER (DE) - Golden Children
MONOD (GR) - Prog On Syndicate
MURUS (DE) - Landmark Records
NAIMA (AT) - Sangoma Records
OSHER (IL) - Osher Music
OV-SILENCE.OLI (DE) - ov-silence Music
PGM & ILA (DE) - Savva Records
PIXEL (IL) - Hommega Records
POLLYFONIKA (MX) - Bom Shanka Music
POPPED (MK) - Electric circus
PSYDIGGEN (DE) - VuuV Records
PTX (IL) - Noya Records
QUEROX (DE) - Prog On Syndicate
ROBIN TRISKELE (UK) - Triskele Management
SCOTTY (DE) - VuuV Records
SENSIFEEL (FR) - One Feel Music
SHAMANE (DE) - Headroom Productions
SHIVA CHANDRA (DE) - Prog On Syndicate
S.U.N. PROJECT (DE) - VuuV Records
SUIT UP (DE) - Minimal Anders
TERRA (DE) - Psychedelic Experience
TEZLA (CH) - Prog On Syndicate
TIM SCHULDT (DE) - Aurinko Records
TIMELOCK (IL) - Iboga Records
TSUYOSHI SUZUKI (JP) - Matsuri Digital
WAIO (BR) - Waio Music
WEEKEND HEROES (IL) - Iboga Records
X-DREAM (DJ MARCUS) (DE) - Blue Room
X-NOIZE (IL) - Nutek Records
YUTA (JP) - Matsuri Digital
ZARA (DE) - Psy Spirits
► VuuV 2014 | DECO & SHOW ◄

In the nights, the VuuV has always been a wonderland of lights and colours. For the VuuV Rebirth, we want to create this feeling also during the days. This is why we decided to enrich the VuuV with a completely new deco concept, featuring our favourite deco artists from all over the world!

They are already at work, creating beautiful and breathtaking landscapes that will convey a unique atmosphere on each floor respectively – sparkling and magical during the night, exhilarating and entrancing during the day. And while you might have seen their work at other parties and festivals around the globe, what they create for the rebirth of the VuuV will be totally new and exclusively made for this occasion – WE ARE HAPPY AND TOTALLY THRILLED TO VUUV WITH THEM!


Carin Dickson aka ARTESCAPE, based in South Africa, is well established in the South African psytrance scene since 2000 where she has decorated all the major psytrance events. During the last 7 years, she has been showcasing her talent all around the world, decorating events such as VuuV (Germany), Ozora (Hungary), Boom (Portugal), Glade (UK), Blackmoon & The Experience (Thailand), Sonica (Montenegro) and many more.

Carin started out painting psychedelic backdrops and is especially renowned for her giant 8mx3m UV paintings. She has progressed into creating fully immersive 3D environments, combining her painting skills with stretch fabrics, sculptural elements and lighting, which make you feel as if you are actually inside one of her intricate paintings. The introduction of an intelligent LED lighting system into her installations and combining it with the artwork creates shifting colour effects and pulsating patterns in and around the dancefloor.

This art speaks a language of its own – a combination of colour mastery, perceptual depth and worldly inspired designs all brought together, creating pure eye-pleasing awe-inspiring visuals and a psychedelic experience all of its own.


The international deco team MAE & MOA started decorating psytrance parties as early as 1991. They have been one of the first to introduce UV decoration to psytrance parties and festivals all over Europe, creating uniquely themed atmospheres and psychedelic worlds via big scale UV paintings as well as sculptures.

MAE & MOA have been decorating some of the biggest and most famous festivals all over the globe. For the last 10 years, they have been working together with the Vienna based Phoenix Firedancers, broadening their scope to show and stage design and perfecting their technical knowledge and experience with various materials, lighting and 3D landscaping.

While MAE & MOA are most famous for their massive and long UV backdrops, they have progressed now to creating and combining their paintings with big lycra and LED installations, turning their imaginative landscapes into a multidimensional experience.


CALAQUENDI is a small artist collective located in the Austrian countryside. From the heart of Europe, the collective spread their work all over the world. While recently concentrating on party decoration, CALAQUENDI have also created breathtaking murals all over the world.

With their fluo paintings and their 3D string art objects, they combine beloved psytrance deco traditions with a fresh view on creating fantastic dancefloor atmospheres.


After the stunningly visual exploding laser show performance on the main stage at the VuuV Festival last year, where LBF impressed many of us with a impressive full colour setup never seen before on similar festivals, LBF gives us a new reason to look forward to the next edition of VuuV Festival.

After numerous performances all around the globe and investing lots of time on new tricks and effects, LBF will give birth to a new and hugely mind-blowing psychedelic laser show. Words cannot describe the feeling you will experience. Fiction and reality will come very close and at sometimes maybe even overlap.

We wont bother you with all the technical details about the setup, but what we can tell is this: LBF will take the beam show into another dimension.

With a setup that is especially and only designed for VuuV Festival this will be a one time only experience. If you think you have seen it all then come and see this or in better words: experience!

LBF stands for professional skills and passion for what they do, combined with a unique artistic creativity to add their very own signature to successful live shows created for various promoters.

All their shows are created with a lot of love and passion for the magic of laser light.


Stilt walkers in fantasy costumes, fire poi jugglers and stage dancers metamorphose the dance floors into a fairy land. Performances have been big at VuuV Festival from it’s very beginning.

Artists from all over the world and beyond bewitch the spectators throughout the whole festival weekend. Be prepared to experience the unexpected! This year we will have as well fire shows from different fire artists who will perform together to create again special, unique and magic night.

more soon...


► VuuV 2014 | CONTACT ◄

• General Info >
• Shops apply >
• Workshops apply >
• Volunteers apply >
• Other Artists apply >
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• Further informations on > []

Our lineup is FULL! Please do not sent anymore requests. Thank you ♥
The location for VuuV Festival 2014 is between Krumbeck and Putlitz!

From Hamburg A 24 exit number 16 Suckow, take the road B321 direction Putlitz. At the city limit of Putlitz turn right into Hülsebeker Damm and follow the road for about 2 kilometers.

From Berlin and Rostock A 24 exit number 16 Suckow, take the road B321 direction Putlitz. At the city limit of Putlitz turn right into Hülsebeker Damm and follow the road for about 2 kilometers.

Your final destination from any major town in Germay is Pritzwalk train station (Pritzwalk Bahnhof). From there take the VuuV Shuttle Bus direct to the location. > []

Take a flight to Berlin Tegel, as this airport is the nearest to the VuuV Location. From there you have the choice to either take the train to Pritzwalk or rent a car.


• GOASHUTTLE to Hamburg and Berlin
╰▶ []

• FEIERREISEN to Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Dresden, Leipzig and many more
╰▶ []

• LOCAL SHUTTLES in and arround Putlitz, from Karstädt and from Pritzwalk
they are available from Wednesday 6th august 2014
╰▶ for reservation and further information call Shuttle-Frank: 0173-81-90-286

► VuuV 2014 | CAMPING | Opening Times

The VuuV camping site is your home base for a long festival weekend. All facilities, like showers, port-a-loos and water supply are provided by our construction team and the local Fire Brigade at best.

You are allowed to park your vehicles – even big ones like busses or huge camping vans, right next to your tents.

As usual we will reserve a special, remote area, for families with children. If you come with infants please make sure that they wear ear protectors!
Bring deco material to individualize and spice up your camp to be part of this colorful, temporary global VuuV village.

► ARRIVAL: Tuesday 05. August 2014 > from 12:00 am

► DEPARTURE: Tuesday 12. August 2014 > until 4:00 pm
Entry fee
► VuuV 2014 | PRESALE ◄

• Road Runner Ticket (limited) - SOLD OUT
45,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) > 50,- €

• Early Bird Ticket (limited) - SOLD OUT
55,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) > 60,- €
available from 02.01.2014

• Presale Ticket (limited) - SOLD OUT
65,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) > 70,- €
available from 01.04.2014

• Last Call Ticket (limited)
75,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) > 80,- €
available from 01.07.2014

• At The Gate (unlimited)
85,- € + 5,- € (waste deposit) > 90,-€

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