Voyage To Shambhala (Deep in the Mountains) · 27 Mar 2020 · mountains (Nepal)


Voyage To Shambhala (Deep in the Mountains)

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Voyage To Shambhala
Deep in the Mountains

27th-29th. March, 2020

Voyage to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Shambhala.

For thousands of years, stories have been told of a mystical paradise called Shambhala. Hidden within the Himalayan Mountains, it has come to be known by many other names: Shangri-La, the Land of White Waters, the Forbidden Land, the Land of the Living Gods, the Land of Radiant Spirits, and the Land of Living Fire. The Chinese call it Hsi Tien. The Hindus call it The Land of the Worthy Ones or Aryavartha. The Russians refer to it as Belovoyde, and to the Bön, it is called Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring. Shambhala has sparked the imagination and curiosity of many generations, faiths, cultures, and nationalities, and those with adventurous natures have even attempted to search for the physical location of this paradise, which is said to be filled with wish-fulfilling trees and clear jewel-like lakes.

The name Shambhala in Sanskrit means ‘a place of peace/tranquility/happiness’ or ‘place of silence’. It is considered a pure land within the Human Realm. Pure lands are places where one’s physical needs are easy and worry free, and because of that one can concentrate on spiritual practice to achieve higher states of consciousness. In essence, pure lands provide practitioners with the most effective circumstances to progress on their spiritual path. Whereas most pure lands exist in higher realms of existence such as the God Realm, Shambhala is unique. It exists in our very own Human Realm. The existence of this specific mystical paradise is mentioned extensively in the Kalachakra Tantr
According to the legend, Shambhala is a place where wisdom and love reign, and there is no crime. The kingdom of Shambhala is said to be in the form of an eight-petaled lotus, and the king of Shambhala rules from the city of Kalapa at the centre of this lotus. The residents of Shambhala have pure hearts, and they are immune to suffering, aging, and want. They are healthy and live for hundreds of years, and the food that they need for sustenance grows easily. The people of Shambhala consist of several well-defined classes: the farmers, the scholars, and the nobles, who all live harmoniously together.

Psychedelic Shamanic Trance Ritual at the lap of mother Himalaya.

The intention of the festival is to connect with like minded people, sharing knowledge and information, and experience the bliss of the universe by dancing and letting go for world peace.

The festival will get under way and end after the ritual performed by the mountain shamans.

-The Festival Will be hosting:
.Shamanic Ceremony.
.Entrance Zone.
.Caravan Parking Space.
.Free Camping area.
.Workshop Zone.
.Kid Zone.
.Forest Zone.
.Medical Stall.
.Food and drinks stall.
.Bon Fire.
.Fire Dancers.
.Main Stage.

.Visual Mapping. .Open air Setup. .40+ Hr Music

- Camping Facility:
Being an open air camping festival our camping area will be providing washroom at the camping area.

(You'll have to bring your own camping gears.)

-For anyone interested to volunteer, organize workshop or join in as artist than please feel free to contact us at:

-Although the security will be there, yet the organizers will not responsible for any theft/ loss of any things so please leave your valuables at the safe deposit at your hotel and you are solely responsible for taking care of your own belongings.

#Note- Canceled due to Covd-19

Thank you.
The Venue is situated in the jungle situated inside deep mountain above 2,000 M+ of altitude. Being spring time the whole region is surrounded by varieties of flora and faunas giving a majestic experience.

The precise location & More of the information available at Meeting and Ticket point
-Ticket info:
(The ticket is limited for 250 individuals only, and can be purchased via online portal)

Early Bird: 20$ (50 Pcs.)
2nd phase: 30$ (50 Pcs)
3rd Phase: 40$ (50 Pcs)
4th Phase: 50$ (50 Pcs)
Last virtues: 60$9 50 Pcs)

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