Universo Paralello New Year's

Line Up
2Hi - BR
Ace Ventura - IL
Allaby -UK
Aphid Moon - UK
Audiomatic - DE
Audiomatrix - DE
Audio X - BR
Bit Pulse - DE
Burn In Noise - BR
Cosmosis - UK
Delirious - IL
Dickster - UK
D-tek - MX
Ecliptic - MX
E-Jekt - IS
Electrypnose - CH
Etnica - IT
Flip Flop - UK
Flowjob - DK
Forza - MX
Freq - NZ
Galactic Wave - FR
Genetic Spin - DK
Headroom - SA
Hyperceptiohm - BR
Ital - CHI
Killer Budds - BR
Laughin Buddah - UK
Life Style - BR
Machines Of Shiva - BR
Mad Hatters - BR
Magnetrix - DE
Naked Tourist - DE
Narcophone - FR
Orbital Vision - BR
Oxyd - BR
P.A.N. - GR
Para Halu - HU
Patchbay - BR
Penta - RU
Perfect Stranger - IL
Polaris - FR
Protoculture - SA
Rinkadink - SA
Stereographic - BR
Sync - DE
Synthetic - FR
Teen Sluts - MX
The First Stone - BR
Temptation - BR
Tristan - UK
Vaishiyas - DE
Vibra - BR
Wrecked Machines - BR
Yage - BR
Zen Mechanics - NL
Airffect (Mindfunk/Moonchild - BOL)
Anneli (www.djanneli.com - SW)
Cassiano Cruz (BR)
Celli (Spun - SP)
Camilo Rocha (ClunkDjs - BR)
Caramaschi (Jeroky/Fiction - BR)
Claudio Brio (Tropical Beats - BR)
Claudinho Psy (ESC - BR)
Claris (Flip Out - BR)
Chriss Fullmoon (Fullmoon Festival - DE)
Danee vs Nuon (Procyon / Goa.hu - HU)
Dimitri (Spun - UK)
Dio (Boom Festival - PT)
Du vs Dahan (Carambola - BR)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic - IT)
Ekanta (Vagalume - BR)
Emok (Iboga - SW)
Flow & Zeo (Tropical Beats - BR)
Fino (Enviroment Sounds - BR)
Gui (Hadra - BR)
Iguana (Parvati/Noise Poison - SW)
Jagna (ITD - BR)
James Monro (Tropical Beats - UK)
Janczur vs Paula (The Fullon Project - BR)
JP (Tipworld - BR)
Kore (Plastic Park - MX)
Kristian (Transient - UK)
Mack (Spun - BR)
Manoel Lobo (Outline Records - PT)
Marcelo VOR (2Hi/Neurobiotic - BR)
Matera (Tropical Beats - BR)
Max Lafranconi (Etnicanet - IT)
Pateta (Musiverso - BR)
Pati (Psyfly - BOL)
Paulo Lopes - PT
Pedrão (Vagalume - BR)
Rica (xxxPerience - BR)
Ricardo Estrela (Tupâ Records - BR)
Riches (Aknatronix/Vagalume - NL)
Rodrigo CPU (Peak - BR)
Roma (Alchemy - BR)
Sam Miura vs. Gugha (Kabalah - BR)
Shane Gobi (Alchemy - SA)
Shove (Alchemy - MX)
Spencer (Alchemy - UK)
Swarup (Vagalume - BR)
Tati (Tropical Beats - BR)
Thatha (Readroom Productions - BR)
Teko (Klatu - BR)
Uver (Butter Music - BR)
Xamã (Universo Paralello - BR)
Zen (Aknatronix - NL)
Zombi (VP Records - IL)
Zumbi (Vagalume Records - BR)

Agua de Quartinha – CE
ChicoCorrea Live PA – PB
ChicoCorrea&ElectronicBand – PB
Cine Mad in Chaos – SP
Entheogenic – UK
Etnica Lounge – IT
Electrypinose – CH
Frederico Baltimore - FR
Irmãos Carlos e Catado – BA
Kizônomos – SP
Liquidus Ambiento - SP
Lunar Sound – MX
Microbek - DF
Pedra Branca - SP
Trotter – SP
Yagé - GO

and more...


Alquimix - SP
Aquiles x João (Pedra Branca) SP
Brainkiss – DF
Cami (Vagalume Rec.) DF
Ekanta (Vagalume Rec.) DF
Electrip Dub – FR
Elektra (chilloutzone.org) PT
Fein (Psyfullmoon) GO x Gauss (Zero Axis) SP
Flict (ProjetoMIX) RJ
High (chilloutzone.org) PT
Inge – CE
Jon Sangita (Sangita Sounds) UK
Justin Chaos - ES
Leo Minotauro – DF
Lottus - DF
Nathy (Sondaki) DF
Rafa (Chill Will) PR
Sallun (Pedra Branca) SP
San - SP
Schasko – PR
Smurf – SP
Soneca (Trotter/ Indica Music) SP
Xamã – GO
Comming Soon
In its seventh edition, the Festival will welcome an even more respected Alternative Culture Movement. The space will be open for artists, alternative therapists, mystics, prophets and all the lucid madmen of this planet to present their projects and confirm the fact that Universo Paralello has always been a space for innovation and experimentation.

We welcome all projects and innitiatives that bring social and cultural benefits to the community of Ituberá, and not just projects related to activities within the festival.
Pratigi Beach

For the fourth consecutive year, the Festival is being held at Pratigi Beach. The result of a natural symbiosis between the warm-hearted people of Ituberá and the Universo Paralello public, the Festival is already seen as part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Located 160km south of Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, Ituberá lies between the island of Boipeba and the Barra Grande peninsula, two remarkable postcards of the Brazilian coast.

With a strech of 40km of sandy beaches facing the open Atlantic and large net of mangroves, Pratigi Beach is the craddle for an enormous diversity of marine and wild life. It is an Environmental Preservation Area (under Brazilian legislation) since it is one of the last remaining sandy restinga florests preserved in Brazil.

Just like in previous editions, the Festival underscores the importance of environmental issues. With the help of the local Ibama (Brazilian Institute of Enviroment and Renewable Natural Sources), our specialized crew set up a recycling plant for residues produced during the festival. In all previous editions of the Festival, the beach was left even cleaner that it was in the beginning of the Festival.
Entry fee
Entry fee
Since there will be no ticket outlets abroad, tickets sales for foreigners will be this way:

All foreigners can buy tickets at promotional prices at the gate. You will be required to show your passport.

There are no tickets sales limits for foreigners who wish to purchase their tickets at the gate.

One Price: R$ 260,00 (Brazilian Reais) – About € 92,00 Euros.
It is with great joy that we from Universo Paralello invite all of you to another New Year’s Festival. Once again, the Festival will take place at the amazing Pratigi Beach, county of Ituberá, in the magical state of Bahia.

Alternative and avant-garde culture, environment, workshops, meditations, the esoteric, theater, cinema, lectures and recreational activities for the kids all add up to a core issue: CITIZENSHIP.

Other proposals for spontaneous art will join along to enrichen the joyful and recreational spaces of the Main Dance Floor and the Alternative Dance Floor, which will be the stage for organic music, ethnical bands and Folk Culture groups. They will join artists from all parts of the world who come to generously share their art and creativity in the utmost spirit of participation and colaboration, expressing the very nature and tradition of the psychedelic movement.

The widespread repercussion that the last edition of the Festival had with the local community of the county of Ituberá only confirmed that Pratigi Beach is our sacred space for celebration, ritual and practice of citizenship – all elements that mark the character and identity of our event. Our fantastic psychedelic tribe can once again expect the warm open-hearted welcome of the local community, just as in previous years.

Once again, welcome to Universo Paralello.
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