Underworld Gathering 3.0 · 18 Aug 2023 · Sibiu (Romania)

Underworld Gathering 3.0

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"Deep in the abyss of the Underworld,
Where shadows dance and darkness swirls,
A gathering takes place, a secret so grand,
A tale to tell of a forbidden land.
The beat of drums, the howl of the crowd,
A symphony of screams, both loud and proud.
The fire burns bright, illuminating the night,
A sight to behold, a true delight.
The music thumps, the bass is strong,
A rhythm that beats right to your bones.
Like a drug, it takes hold, it's pure addiction,
A rush of adrenaline, a true conviction.
But beware, dear friend, of this dark abyss,
For it's a place of danger, a place of bliss.
Like a siren's call, it's alluring and sweet,
But it will lead you to your own defeat.
So come and join the gathering,
If you dare to take the chance.
But remember, the price you pay,
Is but one step closer to the underworld's dance.
For in the land of the dead,
We're all just pawns in the game.
And the only thing that's left,
Is a poem of fame and a reputation to claim.
So let the music play,
Let the fire burn,
For in the underworld,
We'll learn of our own fate,
And that's a lesson, we'll never unlearn.
The Gathering of the Underworld,
Is a place of mystery,
Where the living and the dead,
Come together, for eternity."

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Entry fee
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Underworld Gathering, Cronomonium and Bass Aliens
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