Tree of Life Festival 2013!

Tree of Life Festival 2013! 13 Jun '13, 18:00
Party flyer: Tree of Life Festival 2013! 13 Jun '13, 18:00
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official website: []
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Get ready for another Concept festival that will blow your minds away!
there's a lot to look forward to:
-Worldwide pre events.
-New talent contests.
-Loads of free download sets from our artists.
and a lot more...

*Tree of Life MainStage :

(Alphabetical order)

►Absolum (3D Vision | France)[]

►Ace Ventura (Iboga | Israel)[]

►Ajja (Peak rec | Switzerland)[]

►Basic (Hommega rec | Israel)[]

►Bliss (Nutek rec | Israel)[]

►Braincell (Free spirit rec | Switzerland)[]

►Bitkit (Dacru rec | Belgium)[]

►Born sleepy (Hommega | Israel)[]

►Darma (Noya rec | Israel)[]

►Digicult (Dacru rec | Belgium)[]

►Driss (Hadra | France)[]

►Dust (Looney moon| Italy)[]

►Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)[]

►Darwish (Tree of Life| Israel)[]

►Eat static (Solstice,Twisted,Interchill,TIP | U.K.)[]

►E.V.P. (Wildthings rec | U.K.)[]

►Electrypnose (Peak rec | Switzerland)[]

►Entropy (Doof rec | Israel)[]

►Emok (Iboga | Denmark)[]

►Even 11 (Tribal vision |France)[]

►Fog and Phobos (Looney moon rec.| Italy)[]

►Grouch (Zenon | New zealand)[]

►Hypogeo (Zenon | Italy)[]

►Illumination (Hommega | Israel)[]

►Jaia (Tribal vision |France)[]

►Koxbox (T.I.P. | Ibiza)[]

►Lunarave (Hadra | France)[]

►Lucas (T.I.P. | U.K.)[]

►Loud (Nano | Israel)[]

►Merkaba (Zenon| Australia)[]

►MayaXperience (Soundlab pirats |Austria)[]

►Para Halu (Psylife Records|Hungary)[]

►Pantomiman (Looney moon|Russia)[]

►Penta (auraquake|Russia)[]

►Psysex/Goblin (Egohunter|Israel)[]

►Perfect Stranger (Iboga | Israel)[]

►Protonica (Iono Music | Germany)[]

►P_Mac (Ketuch | Portugal)[]

►Psytotix (Dooflex | Spain)[]

►Reality Grid (Wildthings rec | U.K.)[]

►Sonic Species (Alchemy | UK)[]

►Solar spectrum (Free spirit rec | Switzerland)[]

►Symphonix (Blue Tunes | Germany)[]

►Symbolic (Echos| Israel)[]

►Sychotria (Ayauma rec | Brazil)[]

►Sensient (Zenon| Australia)[]

►Sebastian Kos (Cosmic circus| Switzerland)[]

►Talpa (Sundance| Serbia)[]

►Total eclipse (Mandala rec| France)[]

►The Riddler (Demon tea|Serbia)[]

►Trold (Glowing Flame Rec| Norway)[]

►Tmx mind vs Emo-V(Tree of Life|Turkey)[]

►Tristan (Twisted/Nano | UK)[]

►U-Recken (Tree of Life/Dacru | Israel)[]

►Whiptounge (Looney moon| Brazil)[]

► Spiros Wom vs El-Mahico (Amorphia | Greece)[]

►X-Piral (Vagalume rec. | Brazil)[]

►Yotopia (Iboga | Israel)[]

►Zen mechanics Source Code| Netherlands)[]

►Zirkin (Doof rec| Israell)[]

*Line UP on main stage is FULL!
plz do not send anymore requests thank you <<<<>>>>>
God is a Dj...all the rest are Live Acts!
*Flower of Life-Alternative Lake stage:
(Alphabetical order)

►Astropilot (Alter recorods | Russia)

►Ajja (Peak rec | Switzerland)[]

►Antares (Interchill | Switzerland)[]

►Bayawaka (Heaps team| Israel)[]

►Bahana (indie | Greece)[]

►B.e.n. vs Kaizer (Singularity |Macedonia)[]

►Cybersound(Tree of Life |Turkey)[]

►Cygna(ultimae |Greece)[]

►Darwish (Tree of Life| Israel)[]

►Dee Aura (Tree of Life | Israel)[]

►Deej (Mental experience |Israel)[]

►Dj Zen (SourceCode/Iono |Netherlands)[]

►Entheogenic (Interchill | U.K.)[]

►Eat static (Solstice,Twisted,Interchill,TIP | U.K.)[]

►Electrypnose (Peak rec | Switzerland)[]

►Eitan Reiter(Aleph Zero |Israel)[]

►Ehuty/Duat (Tree of Life |Brazil)[]

►Edell(Tree of Life | Russia)[]

►Fishimself (ultimae/Freeze |Greece)[]

►H.U.V.A. Network (Ultimai| France)[]

►James Monro (Flying Rhino|U.K.)[]

►Jaia (Tribal vision |France)[]

►Johnny Blue (Mikelabella Records |Cyprus)[]

►Junior X (Indie |Greece)[]

►Kayla centilla (Zenon | Australia)[]

►special-kii (Indie | Iran)[]

►Katmirr (Indie |Turkey)[]

►Kodomo(Tree of Life|Turkey)[]

►Kukan dub Lagan (MikelaBella Rec. |Israel)[]

►Liminal Roots (Roots music|India)[]

►La kumpania beats (Indie |France)[]

►Magick (Indie |Turkey)[]

►M.U.T.E. (Indie |Turkey)[]

►Naaz. (Sonesta rec |D-A-R-K-Rec Canada)[]

►OTT (Twisted records | U.K.)[]

►Opales Adn (ultimae || France)[]

►Psydstep (Vortex |South Africa)[]

►Raijin Gaijin (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel)[]

►Roztal Jiva (Tree of Life|Turkey)[]

►Sama (Lotus Paradise| Iran/Cyprus)[]

►Solar fields (ultimae | Sweden)[]

►Shulman (Aleph Zero |Israel)[]

►Shahar(Aleph Zero |Israel)[]

►Sorian (MikelaBella Rec.|Israel)[]

►Therapist(Tree of Life|Bulgaria)[]

►True Lies (Blue tunes |Germany)[]

►Trickster (Mental experience |Israel)[]

►Voodoo Mantra (Indie |Turkey)[]

►Zero cult (cosmicleaf|Israel)[]

*Line UP on lake stage is FULL!
plz do not send anymore requests thank you <<<<>>>>>
The ppl who will make it Look&sound good:

Site management-Vortex South Africa:
Soundsystem by Clear Sound - Top quality psychedelic sound provider on both stages.[][]
Deco: Tree of Life and the university of arts@Istanbul!

~Visuals by the Masters:~
El Geko.~
Funny Astronaut.~
Hakan Hısım.~
Looney Moon Crew.~

~Food/clothing/accessory shops Plz sign up
Tree Of Life Festival is an international Psychedelic Music and Arts festival and will take place on a beautiful resort in Izmir,Turkey,
From the 13th -18th of June 2013!
Our mission - to create the perfect transformation into Peace, Unity and Global Respect!

Organizers :Tree Of Life-Social network LTD. company registration number: 51-460370-3

"There will be no Armageddon-We will see our childrens grow,and theres grow after them.." (Union Jack,early 90"s)

N ҉ A ҉ M ҉ A ҉ S ҉ T ҉ E.•°

"There will be no Armageddon-We will see our childrens grow,and theres grow after them.." (Union Jack,early 90"s)
Amazing resort in Karagol lake-Izmir Turkey.
Entry fee

we are on Last phase:
100 Euro (250tl) []
Presale ends on first of June!

Price at the door: 130 Euro (320tl)

weekend tickets:friday 16:00to sunday 20:00-75 euro. (180tl)
(Passport+50 Euro/120tl deposit required!)

for those who cannot make it from the First days-Prices will drop down from Saturday evening at 18:00:

Saturday -15.6: 115Euro (270tl)
Sunday -16.6 90Euro (210tl)
Monday - 17.6: 75Euro (175tl)
Tuesday -18.6.: 50 Euro (120tl) (From 08:00 Am)

we put a lot of time,soul and effort in this festival.
and we would like to keep as personal and intimate as possible!
there for -This event is Limited to 5000 Guests ONLY-

Big Tree hugs,
The crew.
ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ
Tree of Life-Social network LTD.
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